“What do you need?”

That’s the first question we start with. And it’s why over 720+ different companies from all corners of the world have chosen to partner with Emapta to help them achieve their goals. Most have their own offshore dedicated teams with us. Others use us for project work and overflow needs. Many more make use of our managed office and outsourcing services or our recruitment and human resources services. We even help those who wish to incorporate their business outside of their original country of operations. Whatever the reason, we’re always happy to tailor a solution specifically around your needs rather than force an existing product on you. That’s the Emapta difference.

Dedicated Teams with Managed Support

(An International Extension of Your Company)

Your Team. Your Way.

We offer complete end-to-end solutions to create a new offshore team for your business in the Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, and Colombia. Drawing upon the expertise of our team of specialist recruiters, we’ll help you find, hire and retain the best people to help your business succeed. Your new team of full-time staff will be selected from the top 5% of talent internationally, each recruited to your specific requirements and to reflect your business identity, values and culture.

Talent employed by us but working exclusively for you
We take care of HR, payroll, IT and operations
Private offices tailored to your needs and identity
Multiple redundant Internet connections & power backup
Full control & visibility via our proprietary Empower™ employee management platform
700+ strong specialist support team - 24/7 offices, coverage and security
A dedicated Relationship Manager as your eyes & ears on the ground, one point of contact for your operations
Customized training and engagement developed around your business, your culture, and your goals
Create Your Office

Complete Outsourcing

(or, as some know it, Business Process Outsourcing - BPO)

When you need to staff up quickly with a team of experts, we’d be happy to help via our complete business outsourcing services. You may be taking on a big, short-term project. Or perhaps you’re restructuring your business and wish to outsource an entire department or business function. Or, maybe, you want to make better use of your current staff by reassigning them to other areas of your business and outsourcing the everyday process work.

This is how our own CEO, Tim Vorbach, initially started his own offshoring journey. From his personal experience, he was determined to make Emapta’s offering far more flexible and rewarding than the stock-standard BPO providers. So whether you’re looking to outsource simple transactions or complex processes, a partnership with Emapta always begins with listening to your needs, then customizing our solutions around Your Way of working.

No cookie-cutter solutions. Ever. Your tailor-made outsourcing package comes complete with everything you need to succeed and more.

Fast start with expertise on demand
Increase efficiency, lower your costs
Improve turn-around times with 24/7 capabilities
Process creation, workflow documentation and execution
Multilingual call center specialists
Data-entry processing experts and other roles
Strict data security guidelines GDPR, PCI DSS & DPA
Project-based or long-term engagements
See all benefits here

Turnkey Offices


With 18 offices based within global central business districts, Emapta is strategically placed to cater to companies of all sizes wishing to accommodate their staff on a long or even short-term basis. Plus, all our offices are PEZA* or BOI* registered sites.

Our serviced offices offer a premium turnkey solution for companies wanting best-in-class workplaces, facilities and support for their offshore team. Forget about all the other ‘battery hen’ environments you may have seen. Our designer workspaces are as comfortable as they are high-tech. Preconfigured with the latest information and communications infrastructure, we can enable complete integration of your onshore and remote teams with 24/7 IT support onsite.

Every company that decided to move their existing teams to our premium work environments has experienced improved staff performance, morale, and retention and, ultimately, increased returns on their investment.

Other services available ‘à la carte’ include:

EmpowerTeams™ proprietary team management platform
Flexible easy-in-easy-out terms
Attendance reporting, payroll, and HR services
Customized office configuration and branding
Dedicated Internet connections available
Full visibility with 24/7 CCTV
Biometrics and proximity card access control
Ready-to-operate call center and BPO spaces

Emapta Anywhere™


Emapta Anywhere™ is our new future-proof work paradigm that gives you access to the best talent from every corner of the country. Your team will all be using a digitally secure remote setup to work from their home from any of our 18 offices or from absolutely anywhere. All are protected by enterprise-grade data security and data loss prevention protocols. Allowing you to seamlessly and more efficiently build and manage a diverse workforce of the very best dedicated employees and freelancers

Our highly customizable solutions include an array of technologies for you to use according to your business needs and give you full flexibility to operate Your Team, Your Way.


Turnkey Home Office Installation
Virtual Recruitment & Employment Process
Dedicated Support Teams
Enterprise-grade IT Security Protocols
Talent Management & Engagement
Productivity Monitoring
Workspaces for Co-working & Training
Business Continuity Solutions

Hire the Top 5% of Talent-Sourced & Vetted by Expert Recruiters

Emapta can help you find the right people through recruitment solutions aligned with your hiring requirements, timelines, and budget.

As your headcount requirement grows, our recruiters keep your costs low while driving up the quality of your hires.

Emapta provides recruitment services that can be customized to meet your business needs with the following benefits:

Global talent reach that expands beyond Asia
Technical hiring expertise in 10+ industries and sectors
Single point-of-contact dedicated to your account
Up to 50% recruitment cost savings
Industry-leading recruitment technology
Secure candidate database and processing
Lowest-in-the-industry attrition rate of 5.4%

Our Services to Connect You with Top Talent

recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our recruiters will help you meet your high-volume, project-based, or long-term hiring targets.


How it works >

executive search

Executive Search

Hire C-suite leaders or senior managers through our extensive network and hiring process


How it works >

Business Incorporation Services


Incorporating in a country outside of where your business operates can be tricky. But with our help, you’ll get it right the first time. As a trusted international business partner, Emapta has helped many companies grow to the point where they decided to incorporate and manage their own entity within our offshoring countries. We’d be happy to help you do the same and navigate your way through all the complex processes and the many government agencies involved, including the seemingly unending requirements and procedures that come with them. We can secure all the necessary licenses and certificates you’ll need with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Our Business Registration Services include:

Identifying appropriate company type and initial capital requirements
Creating incorporation documents and all necessary paperwork
Formal business registration and securing permits with government agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Social Security System, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue
Determining incentive qualification for foreign businesses
Opening local bank accounts
Full service, starting from USD 3,499

Move Your Team to Emapta

(A better home base awaits)

Over the last few years, many companies who have already discovered the benefits of outsourcing later decided to move their whole team from their existing service provider over to Emapta.

The reasons for this are as varied as their companies. Some want to upgrade their team’s workspaces, facilities and services. Others are experiencing a lack of transparency or want more control. Many more are suffering from low staff morale, resulting in staff retention problems.

Whatever your reason may be, we’ll help you transition Your Team into our premium work environments quickly and smoothly. We’re here to help improve their performance and, ultimately, increase the returns on your offshore investment.

Joel Montgomery of One Affiniti

"We went through an extensive selection process to land on Emapta as our offshoring partner. Throughout the process - they impressed us with their responsive, professionalism, world-class infrastructure and pricing transparency. Four years-on, the positive experience continues."

Joel Montgomery,
One Affiniti
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We Cover All Industries and Sectors

We’re very proud to provide all manner of benefits to businesses in all corners of the world. Our services, experience and expertise span just about every industry and sector imaginable. Check out the table below to get a feel for just how diverse our client list has become over the last fifteen years.

At Emapta, we proudly partner with all manner of terrific businesses to help them achieve their goals.