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Data Security Outsourcing

Data Security Outsourcing

Outsource Data Security Teams With Emapta

IT service providers and startups know how it’s essential to have a dedicated data security team to safeguard their company against cybersecurity attacks and threats that evolve almost every day.

With almost every customer touchpoint and stakeholder transaction taking place online, you should never let your guard down in protecting your organization’s high-risk, high-value assets.

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But because of rising costs, scarcity of talent, and problems with high turnover rates, some companies cannot build a fully onshore IT security team. These firms, however, found success in scaling through IT security outsourcing to high-quality offshore teams in the Philippines and other countries under the management of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies such as Emapta.

A data security team of your own

The Philippines fosters a highly secure environment for outsourcing database data security operations, strengthened with the implementation of the Data Privacy Act.

At Emapta, we help small to midsize companies leverage cost-effective offshore IT teams who can work either remotely or in one of our state-of-the-art offices with 24/7 IT support. By partnering with us, IT firms can access highly qualified talent willing to work off-hours with reasonably affordable compensation packages thanks to the low cost of living in the country.

We provide our clients’ IT security teams with training programs, certification courses, as well as health and wellness activities to maintain their well-being, upskill their talent, and promote productivity while encouraging employees to build their cybersecurity careers with us and effectively lower attrition rates in a fast-paced IT environment.

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For clients who are seeking consultation on improving their existing security frameworks and protocols, our in-house cybersecurity expert is available to provide recommendations on software stack, team setup, and other requirements.

Looking for a flexible staffing solution? Talk with our IT growth specialist with a proven track record and broad experience in building successful IT teams across various operations and infrastructure divisions.

What our team does

From having a vast candidate database and a solid IT and office infrastructure to establishing SLAs, Emapta has the resources and experience to help you in outsourcing information security responsibilities, including the following:

  • Research and implementation of the best cybersecurity practices
  • Analysis of upcoming and existent security risks and threat prevention
  • Security policy enforcement and compliance
  • Regulatory compliance and audit
  • Solution testing and implementation
  • Security incident handling

Accreditation we provide

With our extensive experience and talent pool, Emapta is fully capable of sourcing or training offshore talent with these top IT security certifications:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional/US (CIPP/US)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional Security (CCNP)
  • CompTIA Security+ – CompTIA Security+

Data security team structure for small businesses

Our IT security professionals undergo careful and thorough screening to ensure they have the necessary technical skills for the job. This is on top of their certifications, which include proficiency in networking protocols, systems (x64, x86, ARM), various operating systems (macOS, Windows, Linux), and programming tools.

The premium talent we select from the pool will also have analytical skills for threat analysis and classification, risk and vulnerability assessment, auditing and penetration testing, and incident or cyberattack management.

Our IT security teams are often composed of entry-, mid- or senior-level professionals in the following roles:

  • IT security technical manager
  • IT security program manager
  • IT security engineer
  • IT security analyst
  • IT security specialist

Interested in IT security outsourcing but would like to get recommendations from a peer with experience in the endeavor? Reach out to us to get in touch with one of our existing partners.

If you’re not yet ready to build a team, we can also help you hire 1-2 staff offshore and gradually build your team from the ground up.

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Emapta Security FAQs

How does Emapta guarantee the security of sensitive information in outsourced services?

Emapta prioritizes the security of your sensitive data. We implement stringent security protocols to safeguard your information, including:

  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Multi-layered access controls with restricted access privileges
  • Regular security assessments and penetration testing
  • Compliance with industry regulations and data privacy laws

These measures ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data throughout the outsourcing process.

Are Emapta’s outsourced information security experts certified professionals?

Yes, Emapta’s information security team consists of certified professionals. They possess relevant industry certifications and actively participate in ongoing training programs. This ensures they stay updated on the latest cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and best practices to effectively protect your sensitive information.

How does Emapta maintain awareness of the evolving cybersecurity landscape?

Emapta’s commitment to information security extends to staying informed about the latest cybersecurity threats and trends. Our information security team actively participates in industry forums, attends security conferences, and undergoes continuous training. This proactive approach ensures we possess the most up-to-date knowledge to combat emerging threats and implement the most effective security measures to safeguard your data.

What steps does Emapta take to ensure compliance with data protection regulations?

Emapta adheres to strict compliance protocols to ensure the security of your data. We follow industry regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA, and implement comprehensive data protection measures. Our processes are regularly audited to verify ongoing compliance with these data privacy laws.