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Outsourcing Information Technology to the Philippines 

Managed Service Providers and professional outsourcing IT services organisations across the globe are leveraging offshore and outsourced talent in the Philippines to address a wide range of constraints and to create or maintain a competitive advantage. 

Constraints including an inability to attract or retain A-Grade talent, combined with revenue and profitability being continually challenged through the commoditisation of services (e.g. Office365) that were previously executed by technicians but are now managed by the end-user, have business owners reviewing their human resourcing strategy. 


 “Is there a way we can hire and retain A-Grade talent, increase our service level and customer satisfaction while remaining commercially viable?” 


Why outsource IT services now? 

Building a team that is 100% onshorethe answer is oftenno. Howeverexpanding your talent search globally and building a blended onshore/offshore IT services team make this very achievable. And you may be surprisedwhat is possible to offshoreand the pedigree of the talent you can access- it is no longer just the execution of low to entrylevel tasks. 

Emapta has expertise in IT offshoring to execute proven, turn-key strategies to help you re-engineer your IT staffing requirements: 

  1. Do you have an inability to attract and retain A-Grade talent? 
  2. Need to build a 24/7/365 operation to compete with more established operators?
  3. Experiencing that onshore talent has an unwillingness to work late nights, early mornings or weekends? 
  4. Are your top technicians tired of performing lower-value but vital tasks, and it’s directly impacting their performance and your bottom line?
  5. Unable to find the talent in your immediate vicinity and with a commercially viable compensation package? 
  6. Or... perhaps you are just no longer surprised when talent out of University want to start on $60k (with no experience) and then request a pay-rise and a car park after six months? 


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Outsourcing your IT processed and services is your key growth strategy


No longer a strategy for early-adopters or risk-takers, many IT professional services firms are looking offshore for talent to address the above pain-points. By partnering with a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company or a fully managed offshore staffing provider such as Emapta, your organisation can access a range of talent and build your own IT outsourcing team. With over 10 years of experience, we have formulated and customised solutions to address the most common IT outsourcing challenges. 

IT professionals that are experienced in a range of technologies and platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Azure, AWS, Cisco, or GCP are available to work for your from our premier offshore offices. Should you require talent who has completed vendor accreditations including Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MSCE), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), or other vendor-specific certifications this is possible and at significantly less cost than onshore. 



With over 150,000 IT graduates each year and the continued expansion of IT services in the Philippines, we can build a team to reduce your operating expenses while also reducing your reliance on key team members onshore. 


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Emapta builds highly specialised IT Teams

In close collaboration with our clients, we build experienced, vendorcertified (if required), thoroughly skill-tested teams who work directly alongside your onshore talent. 

Melbourne-based Acurus Networks leverage our offshore staffing platform to access Philippine talent to support their client-base with a 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Help Desk to support their client-base in Australasia. 

Driven by escalating costs onshore and serving nationally recognised brands and government departments, Acurus – with the help of Emapta’s outsourced IT support systems – were able to not only provide quality Level 1 and Level 2 Support Services but also rolled out a 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) and later implementation a multi-site business continuity strategy, mitigating risk by spreading their team operating over two of our facilities in Manila. 

“Offshoring initially came about due to our ISP-as-a-Service (ISPaaS) offering and our basic need to get customers connected, take care of payments, and have a solid brand. We are proud of the fact that they are doing not just troubleshooting but also customer service and expanding into new areas. Overall, we are extremely happy with this engagement – the quality of talent, enhanced customer experience, and the support we get from Emapta.” – Jason Matser, Managing Director at Acurus

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Like to speak to one of the Co-Founders at Acurus or Service Desk Managers who have executed offshore? Send us your details below!


While Emapta specialises in building offshore IT teams and can build you a large team quickly, some of our clients prefer to start with a small Proof of Concept. With just a few roles and expand once they realise first-hand the real benefits of outsourcing it support in the Philippines with the right guidance can be.  

We focus on deep collaboration with our clients and can customise your team composition to your exact needs. We have 10 years of significant experience building the following types of teams: 


Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Service Desk or Help Desk

Software/Web Development (Agile or DevOps teams)

Information Security

Database Administration


Get in touch with us and talk to our IT Subject Matter Expert: with a proven track record and broad experience in building successful IT teams across operations and infrastructure divisions.


Alternatively, speak with us to discuss our capabilities by role:

Technical support specialist

Software developer   

Software engineer   

Network engineer   

Solutions architect   

Web developer   

Front end developer (JavaScript, ReactJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS)  

Fullstack developer  

Mobile developer (iOS/Android)   

UI/UX designer   

Database administrator   

IT Project manager   

Information security analyst   

Systems administrator   

IT Procurement specialist   

Operations specialist   


Quality assurance engineer   

Automation tester   

At Emapta, we proudly partner with companies of all sizes – from all corners of the world – who call on our experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals. Honesty, loyalty, and great teamwork are paramount to their success. As it is to ours. Which is probably why close to 350+ different companies have chosen to trust us with their outsourcing requirements.

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