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Partner with an industry-leading mortgage process outsourcing provider that can help your firm drive down costs and scale with flexibility. Build a dedicated mortgage processing, compliance, and auditing team of experts highly experienced in processing loans of more than $1B per month (2020) – 24 hours a day, fully protected by enterprise-level data privacy and IT security.

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24/7 loan operations support in the US

An impossible goal to some, a reality you can achieve with Emapta as your MPO partner of choice

EMAPTA services the top US-based lending companies with full-time, dedicated, experienced and technically skilled resources who can perform mortgage support services efficiently and securely using the latest technology.

Transform your mortgage business with these benefits:

Faster-than-industry-average turnaround time
Efficient underwriting
Flexibility in capacity and resource planning
Increased profitability
Improved compliance processes
Bilingual staff (fluent in English and Spanish)
Higher retention rate

Sample Roles

Enterprise-level Data Privacy and IT Security

All of your teams’ offices and systems are equipped with both logical (authentication, encryption, secure passwords, disabled USB drives) and physical (Biometric, CCTV) security, giving them the capacity to operate in a 100% secure environment.

Your insourced team reports exclusively to you and will be trained on the latest cybersecurity practices, ensuring that your confidential data will not be leaked or shared.

Your office will be geared to meet applicable international data privacy laws and comply with global IT compliance protocols such as:


Amazing Workspaces Designed for Premium Talent

These ultra-modern workspaces found in a network of 18 offices are designed to be highly accessible to your talent and fully customisable to your company identity, culture, and needs. Each is filled with great amenities, high security mechanisms, and the latest technology.

Improve productivity, mitigate risks, and save up to 72% on labor costs with mortgage outsourcing

Mortgage lenders agree that loan applications, production, underwriting, post-closing and auditing all require a highly skilled team.

Furthermore, compliance and managing the regulatory dynamic are labor-intensive tasks that involve considerable training and a specialized skill set.

This strategy works effectively for the mortgage sector because many hard-to-fill roles within the world’s largest financial institutions have long been performed by dedicated teams in the Philippines.

There’s also a huge talent pool available to provide the expertise you’re looking for, so we can find specialized mortgage talent for you faster. Emapta’s insourced teams are drawn from a well-educated talent network and are structured to give you full control of your operations, allowing your company’s culture and processes to be at the forefront, not the other way around.

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