Human Resources & Recruitment

Human Resources & Recruitment

Attract and retain top talent while freeing up your time and resources with our top-tier HR outsourcing services.

As technology contributes to the growing complexity of recruitment and human resources (HR) management, small to medium businesses have overtaken larger organizations as the main drivers of human relations outsourcing, as reported by Datamonitor.

So why do companies invest in HR outsourcing services in the Philippines and other countries? The top reasons for recruitment and human relations outsourcing include resolving constraints in attracting or retaining A-Grade talent and lack of access to the same resources that larger companies have. Through offshoring, you can overcome these limitations and enable outsourcing to recruitment consultants at a much lower cost than doing it all onshore.

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Through HR and recruitment process outsourcing, you can level the playing field with a team equipped with the right skills and technology to help you manage your employees and expand with the right talent.

What can now be done offshore goes beyond mere execution of low to entry–level tasks. Some companies have even established comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing agreements to address the following changes:

  • Do you find it difficult to grow your candidate database and navigate your target talent pool?
  • Can’t find the right strategies to grow employee loyalty and retain A-Grade talent?
  • Are your onshore team members getting exhausted from working late nights, early mornings or weekends to beat sourcing quotas?
  • Are your recruiters locked in performing low-value tasks that impair their performance and your bottom line?
  • Do you lack access to the latest HR and Recruitment tools such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or attendance monitoring software?
  • Need help in building an impactful employer brand that will attract top talent?

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Why Outsource Your Human Resources and Recruitment Processes Now?

The human resources department holds various vital responsibilities, including hiring, training and evaluating employee performance. They also oversee the payroll and benefits of your staff. Lastly, they ensure your organization complies with all labor and employment laws.

If you and your team can’t handle all these functions efficiently, it might be time to look into HR outsourcing in the Philippines and other countries.

With HR outsourcing services, you can get support and guidance from professionals with experiences and qualifications in recruitment, training, payroll, compliance and other human resources functions. You can rest assured all these key tasks are handled properly to ensure your team stays productive, engaged, safe and content.

You can also be sure you stay compliant with important labor laws and regulations and keep up with any changes since you will work with HR professionals who know the ins and outs and stay on top of any crucial changes in this industry.

With a competent, efficient and reliable HR team, you can offer better remuneration and incentives that let you attract and retain top talent.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR Team to Emapta

Partnering with the top HR outsourcing companies can give small to medium enterprises several advantages that go beyond cost savings.

Gain access to skilled recruitment professionals

Emapta has HR professionals and expert recruiters to help you find and manage high-caliber talent that meets your headcount and skill requirements.

From the start to the end of the HR and recruitment outsourcing process, you can rely on our support to ensure you work only with the most qualified staff who meet your requirements, fit in your company culture and can help you achieve your business goals.

Build specialist HR and recruitment teams

We’re very hands-on in terms of building experienced and vendor–certified (if required) HR and recruitment teams who can work seamlessly with your onshore team. We can help you find recruiters who can perform both technical assessments and behavioral interviews to filter your selection pool carefully.

We can also include HR professionals in your team who are licensed psychometricians or psychologists.

Scale up with transparent, cost-effective pricing structures

Whether you’re hiring one HR staff or an entire team, you can have the employees you need at affordable costs.

If you have a non-existent HR or recruitment team, you can entirely outsource your department to Emapta and we’ll build everything from scratch. E-TAP, our in-house ATS, will also be provided to your dedicated recruiters.

Additionally, our transparent recruitment process outsourcing pricing lets you compare how you’re spending for high-quality talent for a fraction of the cost.

We ensure quality and competitive recruitment outsourcing prices. We set clear recruitment process outsourcing service level agreements (SLAs) so you can accurately measure how your offshore team helps you achieve your talent-related goals. You’ll also find no hidden costs in our recruitment process outsourcing rates.

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Different Roles and Teams in HR and Recruitment Outsourcing

If your initial plan is to hire one or two outsourced HR specialists or recruiters, we can source these roles for you:

  • Recruiter
  • Technical recruiter
  • Executive recruiter
  • Staffing coordinator
  • Onboarding specialist
  • Performance consultant
  • HR business partner
  • HR generalist
  • Employee experience advisor
  • HR compliance specialist
  • HR data analyst
  • HR project manager
  • Employer brand manager
  • Manpower and compensation specialist
  • Change agent
  • Training manager
  • Corporate wellness specialist
  • Culture & digital transformation manager
  • HR transformation lead
  • HR director
  • VP of HR
  • VP of talent acquisition
  • VP of talent management
  • VP of people and culture
  • VP of compensation and benefits
  • Chief human resources officer
  • Chief people officer
  • Chief happiness officer

We work closely with our clients and can guide you in customizing your team structure based on your exact requirements. Here’s a preview of the HR and recruitment teams we can build for you:

  • Talent acquisition team
  • Training and development team
  • Compensation and benefits team
  • Employee relations and culture team
  • Compliance team
  • Health and safety team

We’re also flexible in adapting to the pace at which you’d like to grow your HR and recruitment team. Whether you’d like to build a large department quickly or start with a few roles and expand once you’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of outsourced HR solutions in the Philippines and other countries, we can help you create and implement the right strategy.

At Emapta, we proudly partner with companies of all sizes – from all corners of the world – who call on our experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals.


Honesty, loyalty, and great teamwork are paramount to their success. As it is to ours. Which is probably why close to 720+ different companies have chosen to trust us with their outsourcing requirements.