Flexibility. It’s what the new world of business needs. And it’s something our 720+ international clients use to great effect.

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Fully Customized Solutions. Always.

No cookie-cutting. Ever.

At Emapta, we simply don’t believe in one-size-fits-all outsourcing solutions. Instead, we start with your needs and pain points before carefully building a tailored team of the very best talent from the top talent regions in the world. Talent who’ve been recruited to care for your business just as much as you do. In turn, we then show these people the same care and attention by nurturing them both professionally and personally. This is why they’re more than happy to keep giving your business their very best. Every single day.

Your business identity and culture come first

Your business identity and culture come first

Your Team working your schedule in Your Timezone

Your Team working your schedule in Your Timezone

Our processes aligned with yours, not the other way around

Our processes aligned with yours, not the other way around

Our flexible staffing is your best friend

With Emapta, you’re free to expand or contract your international team (and the space and resources they require) whenever the need arises without the burden of lock-in or long-term contracts. So if you land a huge short-term project, we can help you quickly assemble the army you need and disband it once the project is completed. Simple, stress-free, and incredibly cost-effective.

Sheree Petracco - Secure Parking

"Emapta are an exceptional partner and are always flexible to cater to our requirements, even at short notice. The support services continue to exceed our expectations and through their commitment to deliver, have enabled us to scale quickly without compromising service."

Sheree Petracco,
Secure Parking

The international extension of your brand

We fully understand that you’re not starting a new business in a different country; you are expanding and strengthening your existing company. So we’ll make sure everything (and everybody) works the way your company already does.

Dedicated Private Offices

Private offices give you the freedom of a custom fit-out using your logos, signage, video conference systems and whatever else it takes to mirror your company’s existing environment and brand.

Brand Your Own Space

A big part of our “Your Team. Your Way” approach is to make sure your company’s values, culture and brand identity remain as strong within our walls as they do within your own.

Your Team Working in Your Timezone

You can align the schedule of your team to work when you do. It’s what we call “Your Team. Your Way. Your Timezone.”

Training Provided

In partnership with you, we’ll provide all the training your new staff will ever need to fully understand and embrace your company’s culture.

Recruit to your Specific Requirements

We only employ those who can reflect your values and replicate your operational and cultural DNA.

Full control is always at your fingertips

Our EmpowerTeams™ proprietary digital management platform gives you full control over Your Team as if they were just down the corridor from your own office. Giving you full visibility of your entire offshore dedicated team and operations, it provides a seemingly endless array of features that helps you connect to Your Team and keeps them engaged, updated, and feeling valued. It’s an invaluable yet simple-to-use platform that nullifies the pain points that would otherwise exist with a geographically separated team.

Real-time team status and ability to export historical attendance data
Cultural awareness education, along with recommendations on sensitive matters
Integrated video & SMS messaging
Talent selection with video recordings of interviews and hundreds of available skill tests
Internet connectivity reporting and customized client service monitoring
24/7 office camera
Measure your team’s engagement with the team pulse
Integrated Help Desk for contacts for each department
Rewards and recognition system
Online Shop allows you to make operational purchases seamlessly
Local workstation monitoring that tracks web and application use with screenshots
Access to your dedicated Customer Experience Manager
Complete online performance appraisal system
Knowledge center
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