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Technical Support and Help Desk Outsourcing with Emapta

There are several ways to upgrade your existing IT service management (ITSM) or the end-to-end delivery of IT services to your customers. You can hire in-house to expand your existing help desk team or add more IT specialists who can be instrumental in building new capabilities.

If you choose the latter, you’ll need team members who are proficient in the following IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework core processes:

  • Service request management
  • Knowledge management
  • IT asset management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management

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Typically, IT professional services firms or startups with a one-man help desk team end up shelving their onshore scaling plans due to structural, talent, or cost issues.

You don’t have to go through the same.

A cost-effective alternative that has been proven helpful for IT providers is building a 100% outsourced help desk in the Philippines or a combination of onshore and offshore IT help desk teams.

A technical support and help desk team of your own

Help desks are crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction, especially in highly technical industries like IT. Outsourced help desk support provides IT professionals with a comprehensive view of customer service requests, enabling faster and more effective resolution times.

Additionally, they are equipped with powerful reporting capabilities that allow technicians to quickly identify recurring call types and prioritize service-level agreements (SLAs). With these tools, help desk professionals can identify the root causes of customer issues and create knowledge bases to ensure they can provide the best customer service possible.

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Looking for specific technical support and help desk services? Speak with our IT staffing specialists to get flexible staffing solutions. They are experienced and ready to help you build successful outsourced help desk support teams most suited for your day-to-day operations and infrastructure divisions.

What our team does

Top outsourced help desk providers like Emapta can provide certified professionals, high-end facilities, reliable offshore IT infrastructure, and transparent pricing models for your service desk needs. Your team can work either remotely or report in one of our 18 offices with 24/7 IT support.

With our vast pool of premium talent, Emapta can help you quickly source 1-2 IT help desk outsourcing staff or build a team of 20-50 people with our dedicated team of recruiters who tap into our extensive candidate database of IT professionals.

We balance the complex and demanding outsourced help desk services environment and prevent high employee attrition by fostering an engaging and learning-centric work culture. We provide your outsourced help desk support team members with training programs, certification courses, and health and wellness activities throughout the year to ensure that they are upskilled, fulfilled, and fit for work.

Technical support and help desk team structure for small businesses

Help desk outsourcing in the Philippines usually consists of frontline support members. This means that they are the first point of contact with your customers when they need help regarding your IT-related products or services. The function of this team is to manage incoming requests (usually via ticketing systems), quickly troubleshoot problems, and resolve issues to provide and maintain customer satisfaction.

For smaller organizations, help desk and service desk teams can be combined. While the service desk focuses on delivering services to end-users as a whole (this is where contact centers come in to interact with the customer and coordinate possible issues with the support engineers in help desk teams), the help desk focuses on troubleshooting and other technical solutions (incident management or break-fix issues).

Emapta has extensive experience in setting up outsourced technical support to the Philippines composed of entry-, mid- or senior-level professionals who can take on the following roles:

  • IT Operations Manager
  • Service Desk Manager
  • Service Desk SME
  • Service Desk Analysts/Specialists from Levels 1-3 (Levels may depend on the size of your organisation)

If you’re interested in offshoring technical support teams but would like to hear it straight from a peer who has done it, please let us know so we can get you a referral from one of our existing partners.

Not ready to build a team yet? No worries! We’ve also helped firms who planned to start with hiring 1-2 staff offshore and browse our individual roles.

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