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Transcription & Data Entry Outsourcing in the Philippines

Outsource Data Entry and Transcription Teams With Emapta

Whether it’s maintaining your organization’s medical, legal, or employee records, such data must be transcribed, organized, and secured carefully. However, data entry outsourcing in Australia or the US could be too pricey for high-volume, low-margin work.

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If you’d like to offload these clerical tasks from your local team so they can focus on higher-value work without staggering costs, data entry outsourcing to the Philippines could be the solution you’ve been seeking.

A data entry and transcription team of your own

Outsourced data entry is a cost-effective solution that’ll help improve your company’s productivity and efficiency. Here at Emapta, we help companies like yours build a team of professionals who can handle all your data entry and transcription needs.

Your dedicated offshore team can work either remotely or in one of our state-of-the-art offices, each supported with a IT help desk 24/7 and a comprehensive data security framework. We attract, develop, and retain your offshore talent with a productive and engaging work culture that offers training programs, certification courses, and health and wellness activities to keep your team upskilled, motivated, and engaged.

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Looking for a specific back-office solution? Talk with our seasoned Growth Specialists, who can help you succeed in data entry offshore outsourcing, regardless of your preferred team setup and location.

What our team does

There are lots of data entry outsourcing companies in the Philippines. Even so, only Emapta can give you the unique advantage of integrating highly flexible and scalable offshore data entry and transcription staff into your onshore operations to give you valuable customer insights, support your business decisions, and make critical information readily accessible to your team members.

Our clients have successfully executed these data entry, transcription, and organization services as we’ve supported them with the latest database management platforms with premium talent:

  • E-commerce Product Listings
  • Digitisation of Paper-Based Records
  • Audio and Video Transcription
  • Captioning/Adding of Subtitles
  • Medical Transcription
  • Employee Records Management
  • Legal Records Management
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Management
  • Mailing Lists Compilation
  • Forms Processing Services
  • Image Data Entry Services
  • Copy Paste Data Entry
  • Invoice and Billing Data Entry
  • Application Forms Data Entry
  • Records Indexing Services
  • Real Estate Data Entry Services
  • Product Data Entry Services
  • eBook Data Entry Services
  • Claims Data Entry Services
  • List Building Data Entry
  • Survey Data Entry Services
  • Payroll Data Entry
  • Market Research Data Input
  • Email Processing and Archiving

Training we provide

Here at Emapta, we can facilitate software/tools training for your existing offshore team members or source data entry professionals who are proficient in the following software:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Zoho Forms
  • Ninox
  • ProntoForms
  • Winautomation
  • Medrio
  • FastField
  • Abbyy FlexiCapture

Data entry and transcription team structure for small businesses

Building your team on the Emapta platform allows you to customize its size and structure. You can also implement your preferred work shift. We’ll help align the data entry software that your offshore data entry specialists will use with your onshore team.

You can start with 1-2 data encoders first then we can accommodate additional talent should your business needs call for scaling up your offshore team. Our data entry and transcription teams are often composed of entry-, mid- or senior-level professionals in the following roles:

  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Transcriptionist
  • Technical Writer
  • Certified Database Administrator

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Want to outsource data entry from the Philippines but would like to hear about it from a peer? Reach out to us to speak with our existing partners.

Not ready to build an entire team yet? No worries! We also have experience supporting firms that started with 1-2 offshore staff through our individual roles.