Our Pricing Guarantee

Our Pricing Guarantee

What we quote is what you’ll pay.No surprises.


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What roles are you looking to outsource?

Lower costs do not mean low quality, thanks to our flexible pricing combined with the lower cost of living in top outsourcing hubs, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, and Colombia. We guarantee top talent based on your required experience and industry skills at all pricing levels.

The result? High-performing teams at a fraction of the cost.

Loan Processor

Proficient in operating various Loan Originating Software (LOS) with experience in the consumer loan industry

$8 – $13 / hour

Executive Assistant

Organises appointments, communications, projects, and liaises with different departments.

$7 – $12 / hour

Virtual Assistant

Provides support in the appointment setting, project management, content management, emails, presentations and more.

$8 – $12 / hour

Customer Service Representative

Processes orders, tickets, customer queries, and provides outbound and technical support.

$7 – $10 / hour


Reconciles bank and credit card accounts, accomplishes full-cycle bookkeeping tasks, reporting and record-keeping.

$6 – $12 / hour

Certified Public Accountant

Prepares monthly financial reports, manages general ledgers and completes monthly accruals, journals, fixed assets, and depreciation schedules.

$8 – $15 / hour

.NET Developer

Uses .NET programming languages (e.g. C#, Visual Basic .NET) and HTML5/CSS3 to write and polish code.

$9 – $25 / hour

Data Entry Specialist

Maintains data entry requirements by complying with data program techniques and procedure.

$7 – $12 / hour

SEO Specialist

Provides SEO audits, technical, on-page, off-page and local SEO services for better website traffic and conversion.

$8 – $15 / hour

Data Analyst

Obtain and maintain information from various data sources and uses statistical techniques and theories to consolidate and interpret data.

$8 – $16 / hour

Graphic Designer

Creates preliminary design options and pitches concepts and produces logos, banners, basic animations, and interfaces.

$7 – $17 / hour

Recruitment Specialist

Sources and screens applicants by discussing job requirements and qualifications with managers.

$7 – $12 / hour

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Our prices are just part of the big value we deliver

It’s Your Team. And we know you only want the best people in it. That’s why we actually pay a bit more than the average salaries in order to secure you the top 5% of talent in the country. Not only will your global team exude those world-renowned, genuine customer service levels, they’ll also be incredibly well-educated and possess exceptional English language skills. Yet our outsourcing fee structure still enables us to bring your business big savings.

What’s more, once people join Your Team, we’ll continue to nurture them both professionally and personally. So, they’re always motivated to give your business their very best care and attention.

Our outsourcing rates ensure you get the best value for your money and even more.

Jon Gwin of AFN

"We could not have had anywhere near the growth in our business without Emapta. Every time we go to the next level, we are accommodated with additional office space, IT infrastructure and big savings. It’s outstanding how hardworking and pleasant the people are."

Jon Gwin,

You focus on your business; we do the rest.

Emapta is not only Australian owned and managed, our entire team – including the CEO – work alongside your outsourced team. So we’re always there to help if ever the need arises.

Using our proprietary EmpowerTeams™ platform, you’ll have full visibility over your entire team 24/7. We’ve also incorporated many other handy features like real-time status on your team’s activities (including attendance), integrated video & SMS messaging and a rewards and recognition system.

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Your dedicated offshore team includes:

Onsite Australian Managers
Internet Connection with Multiple Back-ups
Employee Retention Program
Full-time Onsite HR Staff
World-class IT & Data Security
24-hour Facilities
Legal Employment of Talent
Biometrics Attendance Report
Full-time Onsite IT Managers
Induction & Oversight of Staff
Video Conference Room Access
Remote Workstation Access
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Common Questions

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Why does outsourcing & offshoring provide such substantial cost savings?

Top outsourcing regions are known to have a vast pool of highly skilled talent across a wide range of specializations. Paired with lower living costs, this allows for a drastic reduction in operational costs, without sacrificing quality or productivity.

Moreover, the outsourcing industry is a key driver of economic growth and provides work opportunities with long-term career opportunities.

How does Emapta’s pricing structure compare to other outsourcing companies?

Emapta’s outsourcing pricing structure is very transparent.

We don’t mark up the salary of the staff and is invoiced to our clients as a direct pass through. We also include the costs of 13th month pay and redundancy coverage so customers are not faced with a large lump sum amount at the end of the year (or in cases where redundancy occurs).

Our Service Fees and One Time Fees are separate line items so customers know exactly what they’re paying for at the time of service.

Are there any up-front fees or down payment required?

There are no upfront payments included in our outsourcing prices. You pay nothing until you have selected and approved your offshore staff.

We have one-time fees for the set-up and recruitment of the talent, charged upon successful hire of your new team member. From there on, employee costs (no markup) and our service fee is charged monthly.

There is no upfront cost and no security deposit required if you choose to cover the benefits/insurances of the personnel monthly.

Does the price include employee benefits and appropriate salary?

Emapta operates in full transparency and we will provide you offshore staffing prices and benefits based on your requirements and current market before and during the recruitment process.

Once your talent is employed, you will have access to their employment contract and time record and have full visibility of their wage – we never markup salaries.

You will have an HR Business Partner throughout your engagement with Emapta to oversee and manage all employee related matters as well as provide you guidelines and trends in annual salary increases and recommendations at the appropriate times.

If you want to know how much outsourcing is for certain roles and teams, use our Team Builder tool.

FAQs about the cost of Offshoring and Outsourcing

Why does outsourcing & offshoring provide such substantial cost savings?

Several factors contribute to the significant cost savings associated with outsourcing and offshoring. Top outsourcing destinations boast a large pool of highly skilled talent across various specializations. When combined with lower living costs in these regions, businesses can achieve a drastic reduction in operational expenses without compromising quality or productivity.

How does Emapta’s pricing structure compare to other outsourcing companies?

Emapta prioritizes transparency in our outsourcing pricing structure. We’ll provide a clear breakdown of costs that allows for an easy comparison with other providers.

Are there any upfront fees or down payments required?

Our outsourcing pricing structure is free of upfront fees or down payments. You only incur costs after selecting and approving your chosen offshore staff members.

Does the price include employee benefits and appropriate salary?

Emapta is committed to complete transparency. We will provide you with detailed offshore staffing costs and benefits information based on your specific requirements and the current market landscape. This information will be readily available before and throughout the recruitment process.