Meet our CEO, Tim, as he explains the Emapta offering

“This is not just about immediate cost savings or replacing a couple of non-critical roles with an offshore team.

It’s about totally rethinking and reimagining how to build and operate a company, accessing the new global workforce of the future, especially talent from first-class English-speaking countries, with comparable skills and cost advantages located in the Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, and Colombia.

It’s a profound and transformational opportunity that still lies ahead for many businesses.”


If you’d like to hear more from Tim, listen to this Podcast Interview.

Humble Beginnings

Way back in 2010, a modest Australian entrepreneur, Tim Vorbach, outsourced his call centre work to the Philippines – copying what many larger Australian corporations had done. But Tim didn’t stop there. He quickly realised that the Philippines offered a seemingly endless pool of talent. Not just for voice work but for a whole gamut of business services. As his business grew, so too did all areas of his team in the Philippines.

Thus, Emapta was born to offer the same exceptional business advantages to other companies. (By the way, the name Emapta was created from the initials of his family – Elizabeth, Mark, Amanda, Paul, Tim and Adrian. Tim is big on family values.)

Since then, Emapta has helped hundreds of small, medium and large businesses around the globe become more efficient and a lot more profitable while also creating thousands of jobs for highly talented and skilled Filipinos. Or, as we call them, our work family.

What’s Good for Your Business is Good for Ours

We see our role as quite different from our competitors. Indeed, Emapta was founded on the premise that the talent we provide for our clients should, first and foremost, feel like a seamless extension of their current operations. As such, we’ll work in close partnership with you to always place your culture and brand at the forefront of your staffing solution. Providing you with a high performing team who are perfectly aligned to your vision, mission and culture. We then house Your Team in dedicated Emapta offices tailor-made for your requirements, branded to look like your own offices and filled with world-class technology.

When we do our role well, we become invisible. Silently offering support while Your Team and business excel. Complementing your efforts by continuously implementing a range of staff development and employee engagement initiatives throughout their careers.

What Drives Us


The welfare and best interest of our staff will always be at the core of everything we do. You see, our entire business model relies on our ability to attract and retain the most outstanding talent. Without a flourishing employee-driven ecosystem, we simply can’t execute our business. So with every single business decision we make, our staff’s best interest will always come first — in front of any other stakeholder.

Even the different Emapta branches were chosen with our staff in mind so that they could secure the career of their dreams without having to move away from their families or spend hours commuting back and forth each day.

Needless to say, we’re a proud, equal opportunity employer. Assessing applicants only on the basis of qualifications, merit and business requirements. We celebrate diversity and we thrive because of it.

World Class Offices with World-Class Tech

Emapta has a network of 18 strategically located offices in highly accessible and commuter-friendly hubs throughout the Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, and Colombia. Each is filled with the very latest technology and facilities with 100% power backup, multiple redundant Internet connections and 24/7 security with controlled access. More importantly, data security and privacy that would put many banks to shame.

All offices come fully equipped, ready for you to ‘plug and play’ and include a mix of the following workspaces:

Private Offices

Giving you the flexibility to build and develop Your Team with your own culture and branding.

Shared Open-Plan Offices

With workstations adjoined so that your staff still can coordinate and collaborate as a team.

Training and Development Rooms

Specially equipped rooms that allow you to take Your Team to the next level.

Fully-equipped Boardrooms

Host executive meetings, strategy sessions or blue-ocean idea sessions. All rooms feature big 4K screens, with advanced media and connectivity.

Warm, Well-lit Reception Areas

Sophisticated and designed for comfort with an inviting ambience, to welcome you and Your Team.

Communal Spaces

Your Team can take a break to do some thinking, have an informal meeting or just chill out in our relaxing café and breakout areas.

Our Network of Offices

All of Emapta locations are surrounded by popular restaurants, cafés, shops and other amenities. Making them not only convenient but incredibly desirable locations for our talented staff.