Outbound/Inbound Sales Agents

Find sales agents in the Philippines who are fluent in English and sales techniques to seal more deals with your customers

Reduce your customer acquisition cost. Hire an outbound/inbound sales agent or build a dedicated offshore outbound sales team in the Philippines to convert prospective customers for up to 72less on overhead expense compared to hiring onshore.   

With an innate friendly personality and excellent command of English, Filipino outbound sales agents have a strong aptitude for sales. Thus, when outsourcing took off 20 years ago, the Philippine BPO industry was built on top of the strong foundations of outbound sales and customer support services.  

Today, the Philippines is considered as one of the top outsourcing destinations for business sales agents across all countries and industries. 


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Top Industries Outsourcing Inbound and Outbound Sales 


Real Estate 


Marketing & Market Research 

Financial Services and Insurance 


Software & IT Services 

Fast Moving Consumer Goods 

Internet Service 



How Outsourced Sales Boosts Your Bottom Line 

You are outsourcing because you want to be more profitable, and one of the most effective ways to increase revenue is to reduce costs. Outsourcing to a more cost-efficient talent resource destination significantly reduces your cost per customer acquisition and allows you to grow your business sustainably. Thus, hiring more people to sell to more customers is common sense.   

But labour cost is not everything. Your voice or chat sales agents need to perform at a high level to close sales. Considering all the KPIs they need to meet, such as calls and emails per rep, sales opportunities created, monthly calls and demos booked, and lead conversion rates, you need to make sure you’re hiring proficient and result-driven people to consistently drive profit. 

Here’s why Filipino sales agents are the best at what they do: 


Sales Agent Competencies 

Passion for customer service: Ensure prospects and customers enjoy an outstanding experience  

Persistent: Must be driven to persuade prospects to buy and transform leads to sales  

Good communication skills: Should be personable communicators who can clearly describe a product to convert leads to sales 

Innovative: Should find new ways in engaging and persuading prospects to drive sales 

Problem-solving skillsShould be diligent in identifying and addressing prospect or customer concerns during the sales process. 


Sales Agent Education  

sales agent outsourcing


The Emapta sales talent pool is highly experienced, well trained, and has exceptional English fluency. Although their educational background varies from short courses to college diploma, generally, Filipino outbound sales agents are naturally friendly, results-driven, tech-savvy, quick learners/adapters, and have a strong aptitude for sales.  


Sales Agent Experience 

Here are the sales agent respective experience levels: 


Fresh graduate to 1 year of relevant sales training and experience 


1 to 3 years of relevant sales training and experience in two industries 


3+ years of relevant sales training and experience in three or more industries  


Sales Agent Responsibilities 

Contacting potential or existing customers to inform them about a product or service following scripts 

Answering questions from customers about products or the company 

Asking questions to understand customer requirements and close sales 

Directing prospects to the field sales team when needed 

Entering and updating customer information in the database 

Taking and processing orders in an accurate manner 

Meet KPIs to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency 


Sales Agent Tools  

Filipino outbound sales agents are proficient in the following tools and software: 

Save up to 72% on labour costs when you outsource sales agents to the Philippines.


Contact us to get your sales agent salary estimate and learn more about outsourcing in the Philippines today! 


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