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Outsource Inbound / Outbound Sales Teams with Emapta

Whether you’re a business-to-business (B2B) or a business-to-customer (B2C) company, you’d surely benefit from a solid team of inbound and outbound sales representatives. If marketing’s purpose is to establish your existence in the market, your sales techniques should convince your customers on why they should choose you over your competitors.  

If you’re building a sales team in-house but would like to further expand to support your initiatives, scaling locally can be expensive. Moreover, sales teams have one of the highest turnover rates, so if you have to manage your sales team on top of your core tasks, it can be too much.  

But managed service providers and organisations around the globe have overcome these problems by building a team outsourcing sales to the Philippines which is low-cost and consisting of a highly educated, English-proficient talent pool.


Emapta can help you build an easy-to-scale, dedicated sales team to support your inbound and outbound sales initiatives, target new markets, exceed your sales quota, and achieve higher ROIsYour dedicated offshore teams can work either remotely or in one of our 16 offices with 24/7 IT support.  


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The key advantage of building your team upon the Emapta platform is that we can balance your offshore talent’s fast-paced work environment with a high-growth work culture that offers training programs, certification courses, as well as health and wellness activities to retain them successfully and keep them upskilled, productive, and motivated to meet and surpass your sales goals.  


outsourced inbound and outbound sales team


Want to learn how to build an outsourced inbound and outbound sales? Speak to our Growth Specialist with broad experience in helping clients build offshore teams across different team setups and locations. 


We provide our clients with the latest sales tools and carefully vetted talent so they can seamlessly execute these outbound and inbound sales tasks offshore:


Establish and meet sales targets  

Managing leads (qualifying, screening, etc.) 

Respond to incoming sales requires 

Reach out to potential leads through various channels (email, phone call, social media) 

Converting sales and closing deals 

Present, promote and sell products/services to prospects and existing clients 

Develop and maintain customer relationships 

Conduct cost-benefit and needs analysis of existing clients to accommodate new demands 

Automation of time-consuming sales activities and processes 


We can also administer training and development programs to diversify or deepen the skill sets of your existing offshore team members or source sales experts with the following institutional and vendor-related accreditation: 

Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) 

Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP) 

Certified Sales Executive (CSE) 

Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP) 

HubSpot Sales Software Certification 

Salesforce Administrator Certification 

Salesforce Pardot Consultant Certification 


Our sales teams are often composed of entry-, mid- or senior-level professionals in the following roles: 

Sales Team structure template for small businesses

Sales Manager 

Business Development Representative 

Inbound Sales Associate 

Outbound Sales Associate 

Account Executive 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Specialist 


Emapta gives you full control over your customising sales team structure and setup. We also specialise in helping you build large sales team should you have to rapidly scale. You can either start with 1-2 sales staff or build a hybrid sales team with CRM and business development specialists  

If you’re interested in offshoring sales teams but would like to hear it straight from a peer who has done it, contact us and we can get you referral from one of our existing partners.

Not ready to build a team yetNo worries! We’ve also helped firms who planned to start with hiring 1-2 staff offshore and browse our individual roles