What challenges are you facing in looking for leaders?

Do you lack the connections to the executive talent market?
Are your recruiters not trained to screen for leadership roles?
Can't pull up the resources to perform passive talent search?
Do you need help in building a strategy and package that attracts the ideal candidates?

What is Executive Search?

Executive Search is a type of recruitment designed to help you source and hire talent for C-level, director, or managerial roles.

At Emapta, we source leaders that add value, transform, and propel organizations to success.

Boost your growth with game-changing leaders

Our Executive Search and Headhunting solutions deliver executives that have both the calibre and commitment to set your company up for success.

Hear it from our clients how they were able to find leaders who made a difference to their growth with Emapta.

"We were so thoroughly impressed with the efficiency in which you are able to get these candidates ready for us, but even more impressed with the quality of the candidates."

Haydn Simmons,
Director at Price A Plan