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Build outsourced admin support teams with Emapta

Keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently requires dedicated professionals to manage your day-to-day administrative functions so you can concentrate on your core business activities. Whether you need full-time admin team members, data entry clerks, light bookkeeping, or someone to handle other administrative business processes, finding and affording the right candidates and office space can be expensive and overwhelming. Outsourcing administrative functions and processes is a cost-effective alternative to securing in-house staff that can ease your admin oversight burden, allowing you to tend to your primary business operations.

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Build an outsourced admin services team with Emapta. Our office administration outsourcing providers allow business owners like you to easily set up an administrative support team and hire virtual assistants and support staff for significant cost savings over what you would pay for hiring in-house. Outsourcing administrative services also allows you to take advantage of the latest admin support technology without investing in and building new infrastructure, further slashing your overhead costs.

We help you build scalable and flexible offshore staffing based in the Philippines, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka, taking advantage of the cost efficiencies Asian economies offer. This enables complete resource utilization, better customer satisfaction, and up to 72% in cost savings for an improved bottom line.

An outsourced administrative support team of your own

Outsourcing administrative services can be effortless when accessing international outsourcing markets in countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Colombia, and Macedonia with highly educated, English-proficient talent pools.,. Turn to Emapta as your outsourcing partner. We have extensive experience and talent management expertise to ease the time-consuming onboarding efforts of your in-house HR team. With access to premium talent, you can streamline your hiring process and collaboratively build a high-performing, scalable outsourced virtual team.

At Emapta, we cultivate an engaging company culture with plenty of training programs, certification courses, and health and wellness activities to ensure your outsourced administration services team members are thoroughly trained, engaged, and motivated to do their best for your company.

Do you represent a company looking for a specialized outsourcing solution? Talk to our Growth Specialists who have over 13 years of experience in helping clients realize the benefits of outsourcing.

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What our team does

Our clients — primarily busy executives and business leaders — have successfully outsourced administrative work to trustworthy talent offshore, whom we support with modern office infrastructure, enterprise-level security, robust internet speeds, and the latest technology to perform these specific tasks:

  • Diary/Calendar Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Administrative or Secretarial Work
  • Email Correspondence
  • Appointment Setting
  • Mailroom Functions
  • Data Entry and Transcription
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Facility/Travel/Accommodation booking

Accreditation We Provide

To ensure that your administrative tasks are handled by qualified talent, we train your existing outsourced administrative staff, or we source admin support professionals with the following institutional and vendor-related accreditation:

  • Administrative Assistant Certification
  • Certified Administrative Professionals (CAP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS)
  • Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE)

Our outsourced teams adhere to international standards and ensure regulatory compliance with local requirements.

Outsourced office admin team structure for small businesses

Our outsourced admin support service provider teams are comprised of entry-, mid-, or senior-level professionals in the following roles:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Typist/Word Processor
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Events Coordinator
  • Scheduling Coordinator
  • Communications Specialist
  • Records Manager
  • General Secretary

Our flexible staffing solutions allow you to adjust your team size and structure depending on your business needs. Outsourcing administrative services can start with hiring one executive assistant to immediately offload your non-core business activities as you determine which other admin tasks you can outsource. We can quickly source the right talent for your required roles. You may also want to form a full team of executive assistants so you can assign an executive assistant to each one of your business leaders.

If you’re interested in outsourcing administrative services but would like a referral from a peer, contact us, and we will connect you to one of our satisfied partners.

Not ready to build a team yet? No worries! Check out our pricing. What we quote is what you pay — no hidden costs, no upfront payments.

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Outsourced Administrative Support Team FAQs

What tasks can an outsourced executive assistant or virtual assistant handle?

Our outsourced executive assistants and virtual assistants are trained to handle a wide range of tasks, including scheduling meetings, making phone calls, managing emails, travel arrangements, data entry, and more. They can adapt to your specific needs.

How does Emapta ensure the quality of outsourced executive assistants?

We source top-tier talent from our offshore locations and provide rigorous training. We also have performance monitoring systems to ensure our executive assistants meet your standards.

Can I customize the working hours of my outsourced executive assistant or virtual assistant?

Yes, we offer flexible working hour arrangements to ensure that your assistant is available when you need them most.

What is the process for onboarding an outsourced executive assistant?

Onboarding is a streamlined process. You can expect assistance with setting up communication tools, sharing guidelines, and establishing expectations to ensure a smooth start.

How can outsourced administration support streamline my business operations?

Outsourced administration support streamlines operations by handling routine administrative tasks, ensuring data accuracy and organization, improving efficiency, and freeing up internal resources for strategic initiatives.

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive data when using outsourced administration support?

When working with outsourced administration support, security measures include signed non-disclosure agreements, secure data transmission protocols, restricted access to confidential information, and regular security audits.

What types of administrative tasks can be outsourced to Emapta’s administration support teams?

Emapta’s administration support teams can handle a wide range of administrative tasks, including data entry and management, calendar and email management, travel arrangements, document preparation, report generation, invoicing, inventory management, and other day-to-day administrative responsibilities.

How can outsourcing administration support contribute to cost savings for businesses?

Outsourcing administration support can contribute to cost savings for businesses by eliminating the need for additional in-house staff and associated expenses like salaries, benefits, office space, equipment, and training. It offers a flexible and scalable solution where businesses only pay for the services they require.

What steps does Emapta take to ensure smooth collaboration and communication between its outsourced administration support teams and clients?

Emapta ensures smooth collaboration and communication between its outsourced administration support teams and clients through the use of project management tools, regular status updates and progress reports, designated points of contact, efficient communication channels (e.g., email, chat, video conferencing), and clear communication protocols to align workflows and expectations.