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Hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines so your leadership team can focus on what matters most: business strategy and growth 

Spending too much of your valuable time on repetitive tasks that stop you from focusing on your core business? Find virtual assistants in the Philippines who can manage all time-consuming administrative tasks for you.    

Business executives from small to medium businesses have gotten virtual assistant support to reduce their overhead costs, and more importantly, to free up time for strategic thinking. For most companies, hiring full-time onshore staff is not only expensive but very impractical and restricting. 

Hiring highly trained outsourced virtual assistants in the Philippines can increase your efficiencies two-fold by performing non-core tasks at a very low hourly rate. And since business process outsourcing or BPO virtual assistants are usually located on a different time zone, shifting or overlap of shifts can be arranged, allowing you to support your clients and onshore team 24/7.    

Filipino virtual assistants (VAs) or remote assistants perform administrative tasks just like secretaries on a high level. They are agile and have superior organizational skills, and can multi-task across many aspects of your business. Most virtual assistants have more than one specific function and are highly critical to your day-to-day operation’s smooth flow. Filipino virtual assistants are highly sought after for their proficiency in written and spoken English as well as their ability to learn and quickly adapt to the culture of their clients.    


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Virtual Assistant Services 

 Filipino virtual assistants are highly skilled in performing the following duties and tasks: 

Respond and filter emails based on significance for easier management 

Support multiple managers and supervisors with by performing administrative and office support activities  

Manage appointment bookings and field telephone calls  

Plan and process travel arrangements 

Word processing, creating presentations and spreadsheets 

Manage and organize SharePoint, Dropbox or Google Drive folders  

Perform online research 

Furnish hard copies of documents for filing  

Data entry tasks 


Virtual Assistant Work Experience 


outsource virtual assistant in the Philippines



Fresh graduate to 1 year of relevant administrative work experience 


1 to 3 years of relevant administrative work experience 


3 to 5 years of relevant administrative work experience 


Virtual Assistant Top Skills and Competencies  

Excellent organizational skills: Virtual assistants should be highly organized to keep track and be on top of tasks and assignments for the clients. 

Top-level written and oral communication skills:VAs should be adept in communicating by email, phone, or video call to be able to efficiently collaborate with clients and colleagues. 

Approachable: Great VAs are friendly, easy to talk to, and always pleased to be of help. 

Tech-savvy: Top-level VAs have broad computer skills and are proficient in top VA software such as MS Office, Google Suiteand Canva. 

Multitask:Capability to perform different tasks and manage projects simultaneously. 

Detail-oriented: Ability to provide accurate and reliable business support.  

Resourceful: Should be able to solve problems with limited or readily available resources.


Virtual Assistant Tools  



Save up to 72% on labour costs when you outsource virtual assistants to the Philippines.


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