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Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping to the Philippines

Accounting outsourcing will help increase your firm’s capacity to efficiently manage multiple client portfolios simultaneously. Go beyond low-value day-to-day tasks to offer high-value, revenue-generating advisory services. Achieve these goals with a scalable, cost-efficient team of offshore accountants and CPAs in the Philippines who can help you deliver excellent client service while keeping your projects on budget.    

Finding it hard to focus on your core business because there’s no one to answer client calls? Are you failing to streamline your processes and timelines which could result in losing your key team members? If yes, then you might find yourself asking:  


Where can I get help in growing my capacity by finding and retaining accountants and finance specialists without skyrocketing expenses and at the same gain freedom to innovate my services?”  


So for those who’d like to resolve this dilemma might resort to building a 100% onshore team. On the surface, it seems less risky, but the expenses and the difficulty with having a limited talent pool don’t make this option viable for all.

Another popular growth strategybecause of its cost savingsis building a combination of an offshore/onshore finance and accounting services team 


Why outsource accounting services now?  

Outsourced accounting services cost less than its onshore counterparts, but there’s more to ityou can find accountants (CPAs) and bookkeepers who can go beyond low-level entry tasks and play an important part in your client engagement and decision-making processes.  

Emapta has the expertise, technology, and reach to help you find exceptional finance and accounting professionals, and the strategies to help you drive growth with informed financial decisions to address the following pain points: 

  1. Are you losing talent because they’re pushed to the limit — especially during tax season when you need them the most?
  2. Are your CPAs bogged down with performing non-vital, lower-value tasks?
  3. Unable to find the talent in your immediate vicinity with a compensation package that suits your budget?
  4. Don’t have enough to train new talent in using your accounting software?
  5. Worried to hand over confidential data to accounting freelancers because of possible data breaches?


Pro Tip: See how much you can save with Finance and Accounting Outsourcing – try our Pricing Calculator for a free estimate


Outsourcing your Finance and Accounting is your key growth strategy

Recently, finance and accounting firms of different sizes and locations around the globe have engaged with offshore staffing platforms or boutique providers such as accounts receivable outsourcing firms. This is because they’ve seen first-hand how their peers have benefited from having an extension of their local offices in the Philippines: premium talent skilled in the software they use, operating in highly secure workstations, and in return, increased their capacity two-fold. 

Finance and accounting outsourcing in the Philippines can easily adopt international accounting standards and legislationsand most CPAs here are experienced and proficient in a range of cloud-based accounting platforms such as Xero, Intuit QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite, MYOBFreshbooks, and Saasu 

  Myob Cloud Accounting Outsourcing Quickbooks Cloud Accounting Outsourcing Fresh Books Cloud Accounting Outsourcing 

We can also source Certified Public Accountants and train them in-house to acquire vendor-specific certifications at a cost that is significantly less than what you’d spend onshore.  

And if you intend to scale, the Philippine talent pool can readily accommodate you, producing over 7,250 CPAs each year. This advantage is strengthened by the continued expansion of data security for finance and accounting industry in the countryso we can easily help you build an offshore team to reduce your operating expenses and offload tasks from your key team members onshore. 


Emapta builds highly specialised Finance and Accounting teams

We speak from experience when we say we’ve built finance and accounting teams that are fully capable of working with our clients’ onshore teams—and have heard straight from our clients how they’ve reaped the benefits of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping. 

Adelaide-based accounting firm leveraged our offshore staffing expertise to source and hire Philippine team of expert CPAs and bookkeepers to directly support and service their digital-savvy client-base in Australia. Operating as a 100% Xero-based firm, they needed to make sure their Philippine team would seamlessly integrate to their operations back home. With the help of Emapta’s in-house Xero online accounting software subject matter expert, their team went through a complete system training program to get them up to speed in using the cloud-based platform.     

“Emapta enabled us to put on those extra people and grow at the same speed that we’re growing now as well. It’s been very comforting for us how engaged our team in the Philippines get with our client and with our business itself. They certainly don’t arrive at work and just think they have some jobs to do. They care about the outcomes of our clients.” 

Another advantage of building your finance and accounting team with Emapta is that you’re in full control of your team size and your pace of scaling. We’re ready to set up with 1-2 roles or build you a large team within your preferred timelines.  We can also customise your accounting team composition to your exact needs. So your offshore team can either be cross-functional or can specialise in one function only, including:

Mortgage Processing
Payroll Support


If your initial plan is to hire one or two outsourced accounting team members, we can source these roles for you:

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) 
Junior accountant 
Staff accountant 
Senior accountant 
Project accountant 
Cost accountant 
General accountant 
Tax accountant 
Financial analyst 
Financial accountant 
Payroll administrator 
Accounts payable clerk 
Accounts assistant 
Billing clerk 
Credit and collections clerk/manager 
Internal auditor 
Tax accountant 
Finance/Accounting manager 
Finance administrator 
Loan officer 
Administrative assistant  

At Emapta, we proudly partner with companies of all sizes – from all corners of the world – who call on our experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals. Honesty, loyalty, and great teamwork are paramount to their success. As it is to ours. Which is probably why close to 350+ different companies have chosen to trust us with their outsourcing requirements.

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