Offshore education support, eLearning, and admin tasks to a certified BPO partner

With the education sector going beyond the four corners of a physical classroom, educational institutions around the globe are trying to keep up with new modes of delivering content to students.

To harness the power of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and digitally transform their infrastructure, some organisations have partnered with education outsourcing companies to address key constraints, get access to the latest education technologies and exceptional talent.

Challenges in attracting and retaining high-quality talent, combined with revenue and profitability being challenged by the rising costs of keeping up the digital transformation of delivering educational materials and content drive institutions and firms with no in-house training specialists to tap into offshoring or outsourcing.

“Can we deliver quality learning content, achieve profitable outcomes, and have the ability to attract and retain A-Grade talent without drastic expenditures?”


This may not be possible if you build your team purely onshore. But not all is lost: the answer lies in expanding your talent search globally and building a blended onshore / offshore education services team.

Thanks to the increasing integration of technology into the education sector—and the pedigree of the talent you can access overseas—outsourcing education isn’t all about execution of low to entry–level tasks but you can now leverage offshore talent to handle end-to-end processes (from enrollment to eLearning outsourcing) and address these education staffing challenges:

1. Can’t expand your course offerings due to the lack of access to a diverse, grade-A talent pool?

2. Need to build a 24/7/365 operation to compete with more established operators?

3. Experiencing that onshore talent has an unwillingness to work late nights, early mornings or weekends?

4. Training specialists distracted by performing lower-value but vital tasks, and it’s directly impacting their performance and your bottom line?

5. Are you lacking technical expertise in navigating Learning Management Systems (LMS), knowledge databases, and other EdTech tools?

6. Do you lack resources such as content writers, web developers, and UI/UX designers to migrate your offline content to your online learning portal?

7. Is your team getting drowned in administrative tasks that could delay the delivery of your learning content?

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Why outsource education processes now?

Engaging with offshore staffing or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider such as Emapta is now a highly accessible and rewarding option for small to medium enterprises who are looking to outsourcing services in higher education and leveraging offshore talent to address the above pain-points. Through offshoring and outsourcing, your organisation can access a broad range of talent and build your own dedicated EdTech team.

We can help you find highly experienced talent who are proficient in a broad range of eLearning authoring tools (Articulate Storyline, Elucidat, Adobe Captivate), learning management systems (can use existing ones like Compass or develop from scratch), knowledge database software (Atlassian, Zendesk, HelpCrunch), and other platforms.

Offshore talent who have completed EdTech accreditations including International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Certification, Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) certification, Google Certified Educator/Trainer/Innovator and other vendor–specific certifications can also be hired for a fraction of the cost you’ll have to pay for their onshore counterparts.


  iste certified education offshore team Offshore education Google certified trainer    


Our flexible offshoring process puts your requirements at the forefront and ensures you can get experienced—vendor–certified if required—thoroughly skill-tested teams who can be strategically aligned with your onshore talent.

For instance, Course Hero—an American education technology company—moved from engaging Filipino educators to work remotely on a freelancing basis to completely building their pioneer team in a fully managed office in one of Emapta’s prime Makati offices.

Course Hero’s dedicated offshore team consists of 66+ content developers across a range of disciplines, project coordinators, project managers, quality and compliance analysts, community representative, and a country manager who support Course Hero’s 25 million course-specific study resources including practice problems, study guides, videos, and class notes.

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Different teams and roles in education outsourcing


Whether you want to build a large team quickly or start with a small Proof of Concept with just a few roles, our flexible staffing solutions let you decide when to expand once you experience the benefits of partnering with a capable and responsive outsourcing provider.

Aside from allowing you to grow your team at your own pace, you can also customise your team setup to your exact needs. Here are some examples of education-focused teams you can build with us:

• Training and Development Team
• Course Creation and Publishing Team
• Administrative Team

Another advantage of building your finance and accounting team with Emapta is that you’re in full control of your team size and your pace of scaling. We’re ready to set up with 1-2 roles or build you a large team within your preferred timelines. We can also customise your accounting team composition to your exact needs. So your offshore team can either be cross-functional or can specialise in one function only, including Bookkeeping, Accounting, Mortgage Processing, Paraplanning, and Payroll Support.

If your initial plan is to hire one or two outsourced education team members, we can source these roles for you:

• Online Tutor
• Online Instructor
• Training Specialist
• Content Developer
• eLearning Specialist
• IT Support Specialist
• Cybersecurity Specialist
• Project Manager
• Curriculum Developer

• Learning Management System Administrator
• Enrollment Officer
• Business Education Director
• Instructional Designer
• Animator
• Academic Adviser
• Academic Support Coordinator
• Guidance Counselor
• Training and Development Manage

At Emapta, we proudly partner with companies of all sizes – from all corners of the world – who call on our experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals.


Honesty, loyalty, and great teamwork are paramount to their success. As it is to ours. Which is probably why close to 652 different companies have chosen to trust us with their outsourcing requirements.