Outsource Graphic Design

Outsource Graphic Design

Outsource graphic designers to craft high-quality visual content


Outsource graphic design work to create a strong brand that builds strong customer recognition. Organizations of varying sizes across industries around the world infinitely joust for brand recognition and brand equity to effectively sell their products and services.

This is where graphic designers take the lead. Excellent outsourced graphic designers should be analytical to be able to interpret data and transform them into effective communication solutions. But great design shouldn’t be expensive. You need to win big business or new customers cost-efficiently. And what better way to save on costs than to outsource graphic designers in the Philippines?

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Most commonly outsourced graphic design services and roles by top graphic design outsourcing companies:

Creative Director

Manages a creative team of designers to create visuals for product branding and advertising.

Art Director

Manages and orchestrates projects to make sure they’re delivered on time to the client’s satisfaction.

Package Designer

Create product packaging for marketing or products in terms of graphic design and physical construction.

Visual Image Developer

Creates images and designs through Photography, image editing, and 3D modeling software.

Brand Identity Developer

Develops brand identities for various organizations to express their key message and value.

Interface Designer

Develops wireframes and actual user interface for systems or websites.

Web Designer

Creates graphics, layouts, and page designs for websites.

Visual Journalist

Creates infographics for print or digital applications.

Logo Designer

Creates brand logos for organizations and consumer brands.

Multimedia Artist

Create video materials using video editing and motion graphics software.

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Outsourced Graphic Designers Work Experience

The outsourced graphic designer’s role is to create visual concepts using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas that inform and attract consumers to your offers. They interpret content or data and develop them into art and copy layouts as an effective communication solution.

When outsourcing graphic design projects, consider these role levels categorized by years of experience:

Junior Graphic Designer

Junior Graphic Designer

Fresh graduate to 1 year of relevant work experience with respective training and experience from both local and/or international marketing firms and top graphic design software.



• Knowledge of design techniques and processes
• Background in graphic design, visual communications or fine arts
• Experience with graphic design software such as tools within Adobe Creative Suite



• Creates preliminary design options
• Produces logos, banners, basic animations, and interfaces
• Collects feedback from senior designers and other colleagues for improvement

Experienced Graphic Designer

Experienced Graphic Designer

1 to 3 years of relevant work experience, proficient in top graphic design software and tools and is typically made in charge of more complex responsibilities as well as coaching fresh graduates.



• Knowledge of advanced design techniques and processes
• Ability to collaborate with fellow designers and improve based on peer review
• Advanced experience with a wide variety of graphic design and editing software



• Pitches creative concepts and design ideas
• Interacts with clients on a limited basis to work on revisions and refine output
• Responsible for creating branding materials as supervised by Senior Graphic Designer/s

Senior Graphic Designer

Senior Graphic Designer

3 to 5 years of relevant work experience, proficient in top digital marketing software and tools and is typically responsible for training and supervising junior graphic designers



• Knowledge of advanced design techniques and processes
• Ability to collaborate with fellow designers and improve based on peer review
• Advanced experience with a wide variety of graphic design and editing software



• Oversee design projects – from pitching to delivery
• Review the output of junior to intermediate designers
• Liaise with other stakeholders (including clients) regularly to fulfill design requirements

Graphic Designer Tools

These are the common tools used by outsourced graphic designers:


Other software they are also proficient with includes:
Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Lightroom
• CorelDraw

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