Navigating the future of work

After a couple of years of working purely from home, Philippine-based tech support specialist Victoria Samson finally got to reunite with her colleagues when they transitioned to a hybrid work setup.  Victoria said working remotely…

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Legal Services

Outsource Legal Services Teams with Emapta Legal firms that need a hand on their key services and back-office functions can increase their capacity through a legal process outsourcing services company located in low-cost labour destinations such as the Philippines where you can find…

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Data Entry & Transcription

Outsource Data Entry and Transcription Teams with Emapta Whether it’s maintaining your organisation’s medical, legal, or employee records, such data must be carefully transcribed, organised, and secured. However, data entry outsourcing in Australia or the US could be…

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Administrative Support

Outsource Administrative Support Teams with Emapta No business would survive without an administrative backbone. However, no business would also make a profit by focusing on these non-client-facing and routine tasks alone. The point is your…

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