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Why Malaysia?

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Gain a competitive edge with high quality, low-cost resources

Offshore outsourcing allows you to get premier talent with minimal cultural differences, marginal language barriers at a much lower cost compared to local options. 

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Why Outsource to Malaysia?

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The staff can adjust to your time zone 

While Malaysia is in another corner of the globe, time zone differences can be overcome by forming a team that can work on your desired work shift. Schedules can be altered to give your company with a 24-hour working capacity. 

English is a second language 

Malaysians have a high level of English language proficiency, especially among the younger generation and the workforce. English is widely taught in schools and universities, enabling a large portion of the population to communicate effectively in English.  

Pro-business government policies 

The country has implemented various initiatives to attract foreign investment and promote business growth. The government actively supports outsourcing and has established dedicated industrial zones and technology parks to facilitate the growth of outsourcing companies. 

Why choose Emapta?




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Nearshore Outsourcing Made Simple


We start with a consultation call where we listen as you identify your pain points and how we can help address them.


Our expert recruiters search for the right talent based on the calibration call. We endorse qualified applicants for your interview. 

First Day  

We handle all the necessary introductions and support for your team as they begin their first day of work with you. 

Setting up  

To make sure your team is ready from Day 1, we prepare the workplace setup and onboarding requirements before they come in. 

Performance management  

You will have a dedicated client success manager plus access to our 24/7 IT and HR support teams to help you manage your team's performance, metrics, and development. 

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Emapta wins in terms of the safety and convenience of the location, the price of the services they offer, their amenities, and a lot more factors. They provided me and my team with a stress-free transaction and the best services possible."

Cyril Moukarzel

CEO and Co-Founder


I highly recommend Emapta as a world class offshoring partner. We’ve worked with other offshore providers and Emapta stands head and shoulders above others. From our first dealings, they have been professional and flexible to our needs."

Efren Chaux



We had specific requirements with our staffing needs and the ease with which this was handled is commendable. The service provided by Emapta is unparalleled, flawless and extremely efficient."

Shakeel Khan


Crispin and Jeffery Accountants

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offices in 5 countries


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Nearshore Outsourcing Made Simple

Talent shortage continues to be a challenge for many businesses across the globe. But you can avoid this problem by tapping into the rich global talent market by outsourcing to Sri Lanka.

By broadening your reach to Sri Lanka, you get access to highly-skilled and dedicated professionals with solid educational backgrounds capable of serving a wide range of industries, from IT, finance, accounting, and more.

Sri Lanka produces at least 88,000 university graduates a year, and the number is steadily increasing annually, making workforce availability the least of your concerns.  

Moreover, the work ethic of the Sri Lankans is world-class. They make sure all the tasks you give are done excellently. They are highly adaptable to any company culture and can even work in your preferred schedule to match your time zone. 

An experienced partner will allow you to harness the full potential of the Sri Lankan talent pool by helping you hire the right fit for your organization and providing all the support you need. 

Ready to take the leap and reach your full potential?  

Our commitment to you

Only the best talent

If anyone in your team does not live up to your expectations within their first 24 months, we will find you a replacement for free. 

Full control,
full customization

We provide answers tailored to your specific pain points. No cookie-cutter solutions. You take the lead while we work in the background. 

No hidden costs, no surprises

What we quote is what you get. No hidden fees. No mark-up salaries ever. No lock-in periods. 

Cost savings

Get huge cost savings by tapping into the offshore market. Lower labor costs will allow you to allocate your budget to higher-value business operations. 

Total care

Your success is our success. And we make sure that we take genuine care of your teams by providing all the support needed to optimize their productivity. 

Businesses worldwide continue to be challenged by the global talent shortage. 

By leveraging the skills and expertise of untapped professionals in Malaysia, companies can overcome talent shortages and ensure the continuity of their business.

Malaysia offers a diverse and highly skilled workforce that is well-equipped to meet the demands of various industries, proficient in English, Malay, and Mandarin, and can handle a wide range of business needs. 

Malaysia also has lower labor costs and favorable exchange rates, allowing you to reduce operating expenses and increase profit margins. Plus, you can scale your business quickly and efficiently without the burden of additional overhead costs.

Diverse and skilled workforce

Malaysia has a strong emphasis on education and vocational training, producing a large pool of talented professionals in various fields, including IT, finance, marketing, and more. This ensures businesses they can find qualified personnel to meet their outsourcing needs. 

Infrastructure and connectivity

Malaysia has made significant investments in infrastructure development, including world-class communications, transportation, and logistics networks. The country has well-connected airports, seaports, and reliable telecoms infrastructure, allowing for seamless communication and efficient transportation of goods and services.  

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Top BPO Companies in Macedonia

Why Malaysia?

The business climate is perfect 

The World Bank ranked Macedonia 15th out of 190 economies in terms of ease of doing business. IT and BPO export in Macedonia has been growing at the rate of 7% for over 10 years. Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Australians do not need a visa to enter Macedonia. The country also has Open Skies Agreements with the US and Canada.

Time zones are not too different 

On the clock, Macedonia is only one hour ahead of UK, Germany, and France. The afternoon shift in Macedonia corresponds to the day shift in the US.

Infrastructure and telecommunications are business-ready 

The Macedonian telecommunications industry is the most liberalized in the region. In 2022, internet penetration rate rose to 84%, up from 46% in 2021. 

The diverse talent pool is largely untapped 

Macedonia produces skilled professionals in major industries - including software development, accounting, marketing to paralegal and customer service. Since the country is still relatively new as an outsourcing hub, customers have little competition when it comes to hiring the best available talent.

Work with highly-educated, English-speaking professionals

Macedonians are proactive individuals who have a firm grasp of the English language. Working with Macedonians means working with assertive communicators who welcome constructive and direct feedback.