Outsourcing Glossary: The ABCs of Outsourcing

A master-of-all-trades resource, filled with definitions you need to know about outsourcing.

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  • Asynchronous MessagingWhat is an Asynchronous Messaging? Asynchronous messaging is a form of communication that does not utilize direct live connection, allowing people from both ends to freely initiate, pause, resume, or end the conversation on their own terms. Most customers use this method of communication when(...)
  • Back Office SupportWhat is a Back Office Support? Back-office support is an office solution that deals with improving customer experience without directly facing or interacting with them. Non-customer-facing functions include accounting, digital marketing, data entry and management, transcription, research,(...)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)What is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a partnership with an external service provider that can handle different segments of your business activities, including back-office processes, customer service, sales, and marketing, information technology,(...)
  • Chat SupportWhat is a Chat Support? Chat support is a type of customer support channel where conversations can be handled in real-time through either customer support representatives or chatbots. Communicating with customers through chat support is similar to instant messaging platforms that can be(...)
  • Community ForumWhat is a Community Forum? A community forum is a dedicated online portal where businesses could provide information or engage with their customers. It can also serve as a knowledge base that provides do-it-yourself solutions and usage guides for customers. Having an online community forum(...)
  • Content ModerationWhat is Content Moderation? Content moderation is the activity of monitoring and managing text, images, videos, and other content in a particular platform and removing or flagging anything that violates specific guidelines. Content moderation is done on websites, social media pages, online(...)
  • CultureWhat is a Culture? Culture is the network of beliefs, policies, and values in the context of a company. Aligning work cultures in a diverse environment, especially those with local and international teams, is crucial in the outsourcing industry. At Emapta, we closely work with our clients(...)
  • Customer CareWhat is a Customer Care? Customer care is the process of managing the customer's interaction with the business. This encompasses the customer's engagement with the products and services before, during, and after a purchase. For instance, customer care is at the heart of Emapta's operations(...)
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT)What is a Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT)? Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) is a methodology that measures a customer’s satisfaction with his or her interaction with a company, organization, or brand. CSAT makes use of surveys that ask customers to rate their experience from a range of(...)
  • Digital MarketingWhat is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the promotion of brands using the internet, electronic devices, and other forms of digital communication as marketing channels. It is also called online marketing because it utilizes email, social media, online advertising, multimedia messaging,(...)
  • Domestic OutsourcingWhat is a Domestic Outsourcing? Domestic outsourcing, also known as onshore outsourcing, is an expansion strategy involving a third-party provider located in the same country, which can handle parts of your business functions. Some organizations prefer this model because of its high cultural(...)
  • Email SupportWhat is an Email Support? Email support is one of the emerging customer support channels. According to the mobile-first customer service platform Helpshift, the majority of customers (62%) prefer email support to communicate with brands. Through email support, companies can address both(...)
  • Employee Satisfaction (ESAT)What is an Employee Satisfaction (ESAT)?   Employee satisfaction (ESAT) is a quantitative or qualitative measure of how engaged, motivated, and satisfied employees are in a given team structure or time period. There are multiple variables to consider in measuring employee satisfaction,(...)
  • EscalationWhat is an Escalation? Escalation is the process of passing the concern of a customer from an agent to someone at a higher level for resolution. This usually happens when a customer service representative fails to address the complaint or issue brought by the customer during their first-hand(...)
  • Nearshore OutsourcingWhat is a Nearshore Outsourcing? Nearshore outsourcing is a labour expansion practice of transferring part of your business activities or services to nearby countries or continents. While the type of services that nearshore outsourcing and offshoring offers are almost identical, the latter is(...)
  • Offshore OutsourcingWhat is an Offshore Outsourcing? Offshore outsourcing is a capacity-growing strategy for businesses of all sizes where you can relocate parts of your operational processes or departments to countries that offer an equal level of expertise but at lower labour costs. In this setup, an(...)
  • Quarterly Business Review (QBR)What is Quarterly Business Review (QBR)? Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is also known as Executive Business Review, where you meet with your client on a quarterly basis to discuss which support or services you can provide to help them with their requirements. Quarterly Business Reviews(...)
  • Social Media SupportWhat is Social Media Support? Social media support is one of the most automated and responsive communication channels where customers can interact with a brand on different online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Similar to chat support, companies can streamline(...)
  • Support ChannelsWhat are Support Channels? Support Channels are lines of communication that businesses or organizations use to interact with their customers or their end-users. Some support channels that companies commonly use today include emails, social media, forums, message boards, websites, live chat,(...)