View Legal

The Challenge


The founders of View Legal in Brisbane have embraced outsourcing long before they formed their specialist law firm but are now finding unprecedented benefits and results in the specific engagement model of offshore staffing.

For Naomi and the View Legal team, it is all about offering various efficiencies: “We are automating all the documents we can and trying our best to drive the price down for our customers.”

Providing specialist services for tax, structuring, asset protection, business succession, and estate planning, View Legal aims to operate differently from the big firms – including billing clients on hourly rates. Naomi adds, “When we discovered the whole dedicated staffing arrangement and found the option of getting our offshore team in a single office, we decided it was worth giving a go.”


The Solution


View Legal, whose onshore team operates out of their respective homes and personal offices, finds a head office in the Emapta office in the Makati Central Business District (CBD). Their full-time, dedicated team is currently composed of:

  • 1 Filipino lawyer
  • 2 Paralegals
  • 2 Virtual Assistants
  • 1 Finance Officer

The management found Emapta’s offshore staffing model a more viable approach to offshoring than the old freelance, work-from-home arrangements they experienced previously.

We found with a ‘freelance’ approach and contractors mainly working from home – it is hard to form a cohesive team. Internet problems at their homes also got in the way,” Naomi said.

With face-to-face interaction and the ability to read body language lost in offshore work relationships; Naomi looks to technology to help integrate their offshore staff. “It’s trying to form that culture of a team while seeing each other only via monitors. We’ve mandated for all our team meetings to turn their webcams on. Our onshore manager also leads a group huddle every morning, and then a weekly ad min call with everyone,” she said.


The Offshoring Benefits


View Legal has gown their team at Emapta, including more virtual assistants and a finance officer who assume tasks currently split among various Australian offshore accountants and bookkeepers

Naomi considers their offshore engagement with Emapta integral to View Legal’s growth strategy over the coming years: “It is a structure that is working extremely well as we continue to expand our team and grow our business.”

Offshoring has proven to be a cost-effective growth strategy for View Legal according to Naomi: It comes down to two things: Computers are replacing people, and our customers are becoming savvier and wiser about prices. Offshoring makes absolute sense in the face of these developments and pricing pressures on firms like us.”


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