Mortgage Quality Management and Research, LLC

Independent audit shows Emapta’s compliance with stringent mortgage standards


Businesses looking for an outsourcing partner are safe and secure in the hands of Emapta, a global offshore staffing company in the Philippines, according to an independent review by a leading U.S. mortgage firm.

In its 80-page audit, Mortgage Quality Management and Research, LLC (MQMR) saw that Emapta meets the criteria for vendor management security, availability, and confidentiality requirements, as well as mortgage industry best practices.

Emapta has begun to reap some of the benefits of the operational best practices suggested by MQMR, including:

  • A reduced due diligence process/timeline for both prospective and existing clients;
  • The ability to demonstrate operational compliance in one of the most highly regulated industries as evidence of its fitness to serve businesses in less-regulated industries;
  • The ability to cite independent, third-party evidence when responding to prospective clients’ questions about the safety and soundness of its operations; and
  • Peace of mind for its clients knowing that MQMR conducted a comprehensive vendor management audit.

“As a vendor, our clients’ trust is the most valuable asset we possess, and EMAPTA has always strived to prove itself worthy of that trust,” said EMAPTA Founder and CEO Tim Vorbach.

“The results of this independent audit not only enforce what we knew to be true but also allow us to provide our clients with additional levels of due diligence and transparency” Tim added, lauding MQMR for the comprehensive review and recommendations.

The review was done and published by HQ Vendor Management, a division of MQMR. Its mission is to help mortgage companies strategically manage vendors to maximize an organisation’s investment in outsourcing.

Leveraging software automation to streamline workflow management and serve as a centralized repository, HQVM works with each lender and service provider to create a customisable solution that aligns with the client’s business model and risk appetite.

HQVM’s experienced team includes credit analysts, financial analysts, attorneys and auditors whose collective skills and expertise establish a unique platform to audit vendors and assess risk.

MQMR President Michael Steer said they are happy to conduct vendor reviews for the peace of mind of mortgage companies that have been outsourcing to providers around the world.

“As a vendor, Emapta’s proactiveness in requesting an independent audit of its operations is a testament to the company’s commitment to security, quality and compliance, which should ease any concerns a mortgage lender might have,” he said.

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