The Challenge


Offering specialist tailored solutions to accountants, construction firms, utility companies, and other industries, TechPath came across serious roadblocks in efficiency and profitability.

Chris Adams, who joined the business two years after it opened in 1996 and now sits as its General Manager, shares the reasons why TechPath embarked on an offshore journey:

“We focus on two things: cost savings because Australian staffing is very expensive and greater quality while addressing our current workload. We need to do a lot of extra tasks”

Faced with rising costs Tech Path decided offshoring provided the right solution.


The Solution


After about a year of undertaking a business strategy process with an external consultant and having Joined offshoring tours to the Philippines, TechPath engaged in offshore staffing via Emapta, which they found technology-centric and aligned with their needs.

Offshoring came at the right time for the IT firm: they had just introduced cloud-based phone systems for a total corporate IT package, adding to their arsenal of hardware, Internet and communications services, site protection and backup offerings.

The TechPath offshore team piloted with three members:

  • 1 Senior Help Desk Specialist
  • 1 Level 1 Help Desk Specialist
  • 1 Sales Support Administrator

This structure of technical and sales support roles at Emapta effectively complements its 30-person staff based in Australia. TechPath’s offshore Help Desk Specialists attend to incoming help desk incidents and perform server maintenance checks. They monitor and repair backups, manage antivirus, oversee software upgrading, and contribute to procedural documentation and knowledge base.

One of our big products is managing services, thus plenty of service level agreements. By having the guys here, at the Emapta office, we are able to do the things we weren’t doing on a regular basis or typically skipped, Chris said.


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