The Challenge


Graycorp, an Adelaide-based software company, has come to understand the many deep-seated issues of its target clientele, the food and beverage (F&B) industry. The
family-owned business recognises the difficulties of food manufacturers and distributors, who have a generally high-volume, low-margin nature with constant time pressures. Through Graycorp”s comprehensive software suite, it seeks to solve the problems of complex F&B businesses still running basic accounting software, spreadsheets, and labour-intensive manual processes.
But how will it effectively address the issues and pain points of its clients if Graycorp itself is struggling with rising costs?

“Part of the whole strategy of coming to the Philippines and setting up here is to give ourselves the resources we need to expand. Building a team here will allow us to put in place the programmes and people that we need for growth,” said Owner and Managing Director Lachlan Gray.

The cost-saving business model that Lachlan was looking for, however, is not mere outsourcing – but instead dedicated offshore staffing. He was looking to expand his team, not hand the work over to someone else. He maintains this perspective: “lt”s me expanding my team – it just happens to be in a different country.”


The Solution


The proper evaluation of offshore staffing providers took about three months, exploring the Philippines and India for offshoring. LachIan made several trips and joined multiple business tours, and finally decided to position his offshore team in the Philippines.

From a myriad of factors, the modern, secure, and comfortable workspaces and facilities were the leading reasons why Emapta emerged victorious in the company’s long selection process.

Graycorp was closely involved in the talent acquisition process, including a series of Skype and face-to-face interviews, as well as English proficiency and technical tests.
Graycorps offshore Senior Software Developer designs and analyses new and existing software applications, as well as documents their code and technical notations – C# .net, HTML/HTML5, MSSQL, and JQuery as required languages. He actively checks for the adherence of the software components with the defined user acceptance criteria, as well as redevelops existing software to a HTML5/JQuery cloud-based platform.


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