Acumen Data

The Challenge


Acumen Data (Acumen) is a company that has experience in providing businesses with smarter solutions across nineteen countries. Their software could transform time-consuming and labour-intensive manual processes into cost-effective, automated tasks.

In August 2013, Chris Winfield-Blum, their Chief Operations Officer at that time was assigned to develop and execute a plan to meet the aggressive growth strategy and vision defined by Acumen·s advisory board. The primary concern was the cost of the expansion. After due research, three options were considered:

  1. Resourcing locally
  2. Full outsourcing
  3. Offshoring


The Solution


Acumen Data Chief Operating Officer researched the possibility of having Acumen set up their own office in Manila. Given the relatively small size of the team they needed to build (6-10 people), an investment of $200,000 for resources in Australia was not financially viable.

Looking across India, Philippines, and Malaysia, he researched about the possibility of outsourcing. It was during his trip to Manila that Acumen Data’s COO learned about Emapta’s business activities and ethics. Throughout their discourse, it became obvious that Emapta’s business model was very much aligned with Acumen Data·s corporate values.

Because of this, he expressed that they (Emapta) were not only offering resources, but an opportunity to be a part of something that could genuinely help the staff we were hiring and their families. There was cost and operational transparency; the payment structure was clear, concise and allowed us to shape our packages how we wanted them to be. While Emapta worked with us to find talent, we owned the management and workload of our staff.”

Acumen Data quickly built their team and was able to successfully implement aggressive growth plan with the help of the dedicated offshore team members in Manila.


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