Building Relationships With Direct Marketing Inbound Teleservices

Telemarketing is usually associated with sales and marketing efforts, but it can actually do more. Many companies have also used direct marketing inbound teleservices as a strategy to build strong customer relationships, drive up customer satisfaction, and spur business growth.


How direct marketing inbound teleservices work

How direct marketing inbound teleservices workDirect marketing inbound teleservices is derived from two terms: direct marketing and inbound teleservices. Direct marketing is a strategy that relies on direct customer communication via various channels. Inbound teleservices, meanwhile, is a strategy where customers who already know about the product call an agent.

Companies either have an in-house or outsourced team of telemarketing agents to handle inbound calls from customers who may have seen initial information about their product from advertisements or other pre-sales campaigns. Having a dedicated team that directly responds to interested customers ensures that you are giving the necessary information needed to close deals.

Queries from customers range from questions about pricing and promos, product features and support, or even company background. To make the most out of the strategy, managers provide telemarketing agents with all the information about the company, products, and post-sales support. Agents are also trained to carry the company’s brand properly when interacting with customers.


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Benefits of direct marketing inbound teleservices

Benefits of direct marketing inbound teleservices


Focused customer-centric campaigns

A fully functioning team of inbound telemarketing agents will allow your business to take on focused efforts on engaging your customers, like market research and segmentation that would be helpful in crafting key messages for certain campaigns and improving the company’s overall sales practices and strategies.

Investing time and resources in training and equipping your direct marketing inbound teleservice team will help your agents connect with your customers better. Always remember that your telemarketing agents are the face of the business to the customers. The way they engage with the customers reflects your company’s values.


Increase sales with an existing client base

A dedicated inbound telemarketing team allows you to continuously connect and engage with existing customers, which would always come in handy when you have new product lines, additional support, or upgrades in your offerings. When a customer calls to ask about certain services, you can subtly offer some of your new products, turning the call into proactive marketing.

Continuous engagement with the customers also allows you to build rapport and build strong relationships with them. In the long run, it would give you some insights into the customers’ wants, needs, pain points, and other information that would be helpful when you start to craft messages for certain marketing campaigns.


Keep track of changing market demands

The information you get from continuous engagement with the customers would allow you to keep tabs on the changing demands of the market. With the right approach to messaging, a call would help you identify new market behaviour and trends, which would help you adapt and create new marketing strategies for your products and services.


Get instant customer feedback

Inbound telemarketing is also a great way to get instant feedback from customers. With the right people at the helm, you can turn a call into a detailed evaluation of your products and services. The depth of information you can get out of a call will help you improve your offerings and make your products and services more competitive.


Convert casual customers to brand ambassadors

Directly talking to already interested customers over the phone may sound simple, but it is more complex than that. Everything from the agent’s tone, the choice of words, the amount of information given, and the overall ease of the engagement contribute to the success of the call, not just in closing sales, but also in building a strong relationship with the customer.

Direct marketing inbound teleservices do not only allow businesses to convert leads into sales, but also convert casual customers into loyal ones. Given the right tools and personnel, you can even use inbound telemarketing to convert loyal customers into brand ambassadors who can refer their friends, and family to your products and services.


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Outsourcing inbound telemarketing

Outsourcing inbound telemarketing

Many businesses opt to outsource their inbound telemarketing team to providers offshore for various reasons, but it’s mostly because of two things: cost-efficiency and access to talent.

Because the job of telemarketing agents is not as easy as it sounds, not everyone can really be effective in this role. And with nearly all companies looking for effective agents, it can be difficult for companies to look for qualified professionals to join their team. Outsourcing providers offshore, however, have access to experienced and skilled people across the globe.

The Philippines, for example, has a deep talent pool when it comes to sales and marketing which made it one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world. With unparalleled work ethic, world-class communication and English-speaking skills, and high cultural adaptability, Filipino telemarketing agents are among the most sought-after workers in the industry.

Moreover, because of the significantly lower labour costs in the Philippines, you can even save more than half in overhead costs when you outsource your direct marketing inbound teleservices team to Manila. Access to premium talent plus huge savings only spells growth for your business.


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