Empowered: 11 Real Life Inspirational Stories in Outsourcing

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to highlight the real-life inspirational stories of our clients and teams throughout 11 wonderful years.

1. 10 years of partnership and growth


10 years of partnership and growth


“We were prompted by the desire to gain efficiencies as our business was growing and we required additional resources. We would not be able to grow and sustain our growth without the hard work of our Philippine staff.”

Star Pharmacy Group has been with us for 10 years and counting. They have successfully grown their offshore IT and accounting teams in the Philippines a few years ago, and today, they’re planning to scale up with an ecommerce online sales platform.



2. Thriving with the new normal


Thriving with the new normal


“Emapta’s working environment has helped increase my team’s productivity and efficiency at work. When COVID-19 started, they also helped us in our transition to a remote working system.”

Cyril Moukarzel of LifeDNA has been our partner for two years now. While managing a relatively new offshore team, LifeDNA like other businesses had to deal with the impact of the pandemic but while others struggled to keep up, they thrived in the new normal.



3. Life-changing partnerships


Life-changing partnerships


“We have been offered the opportunity to be a part of something that could genuinely help the staff we hire and their families.”

Since building their team in the Philippines more than seven years ago, Chris Winfield-Blum of Acumen shared how offshoring is more than just the cost savings. Aside from being able to tap into a diverse talent pool, it’s fulfilling for him how Acumen could endow their Philippine team members with a rewarding career and comfortable living.



4. Harmony over hierarchy


Harmony over hierarchy


“I’ve always felt a sense of belonging since everyone here is very friendly. Even our CEO, who I’ve sat with on occasion, engages in everyday conversations. Proving there’s equality and friendship across all employees.”

Justin Tiongson has been working with our partner for six years as a Creative Designer. He appreciates the flat organisational structure where everyone feels involved in contributing to the company’s growth.



5. Work culture built on care


Work culture built on care


“At first I really felt like giving up and honestly got very anxious and frustrated while looking for a new job. In the end I’m very thankful for the tremendous concern shown to me while helping me look for new opportunities. I’m also really grateful to my new employer for trusting my work principles and skills as their first hire and helping them make their offshoring journey a successful one!”

When the pandemic hit, Meliza Madriaga’s client was one of the severely affected companies who had to let go of their staff. Through the ACE candidate program for those on talent bench, Meliza successfully landed a role with one of our new clients as their mortgage underwriter.



6. Career-changing journey


Career-changing journey


“I learned a lot when I started as a utility worker and then being promoted to a facility assistant. Four years later, I still love coming to work with a growth-driven mindset.”

When Jasmin Lacanle joined us as a utility worker, her determination to continue learning has enabled her to acquire new skills and further develop her career. With Jasmin’s perseverance, she’s now in charge of facilities and administration in our Pampanga site.



7. Bringing families closer


Bringing families closer


“I’m glad that fitness classes are available to us. This is a good diversion from work, stress, and our family’s typical routine. 30 minutes of exercise releases happy hormones too!”

Mary Joy Guillermo is an avid fitness enthusiast who regularly goes to our PNB-based gym after her shift to attend group workouts. Since the pandemic began, Mary dances the stress away while being able to spend more time with her family as her daughter and husband regularly joins Coach Nics’s online Zumba classes.



8. Friendships found at work


Friendships found at work


“I’ve never felt that I’m actually dragging myself just to work. The warm environment at the office didn’t just stay at the office, it extends even outside work that had already been a part of my personal life.”

With more than 5 years of working at the company, Princess Gabis is happy that she has found teammates, acquaintances and best friends in her former role as a sales support staff. For Princess, the warm environment at the office didn’t just stay within the site, it extends even outside work that became an important part of her personal life.



9. Making your mission our goal


Making your mission our goal


“With our growing Philippine team, we’ve been able to help over 20,000 students per day with their homework questions.”

Anh Nguyen of Course Hero shares the significant impact of having a 300-strong team in the Philippines within their first year in offshoring. They’re able to help more students across the globe with the help of their Philippine content developers who specialise in a wide range of subjects, from physics to economics.



10. International teams working as one


International teams working as one


“We’re one team in two sites – we run the same systems, processes, and policies here in the Philippines. The team are empowered and supported with the right coaching and support structures.”

Alex Huntley of Booktopia initially looked into offshoring to expand their company’s contact channels. More than efficiency and cost savings, he also felt a sense of ownership over the extension of their operations in the Philippines, knowing that they could also share the same values and culture with their onshore counterparts.



11. Everyone is equal at Emapta


Everyone is equal at Emapta


“When I was hired, they boosted my self-esteem by allowing me to become a productive member of our society and by continually supporting persons with disabilities with equal opportunities to work and progress in their careers and reinforce innate skills. I’m proud and humbled to be amongst such incredibly talented people and I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to our continued success.”

Starting out as a data entry specialist eight years ago, Ser Archiebald Dela Cruz was able to further develop his skills with the support of his client and the organisation. He remains a valued asset to our client, where he now works as a pharmacy stock controller.