Starting out in a small office of 25 people more than a decade ago, our dream of showcasing Filipino talent to the world continues. Moving forward and aiming high with our client partners and their people, our FASTER values will take us to new heights with our 3,750+ strong community:


Flexible employees of Emapta

We do what it takes and adapt quickly to overcome any challenge or meet any opportunity. We add what is necessary and remove what is not, embrace what is new and flex when change is the answer to the question.



Aspirational employees of Emapta

We lead by example, innovate and always look for a smarter way. We always think bigger, and how to be better. Aspiration got us to where we are and drives us to where we are going.



Synchronized employees of Emapta

Like the movement of a clock, we are a group of individuals working together as a team with a common goal top of mind. We are in sync with our customers, our partners, and our people, driving forward as one.



Transparent employees of Emapta

We take an open and direct approach with our people, our partners, and our customers. We remove the fluff and stick to facts, sharing what is working and what is not. If we make a mistake, we own it, fix it, and quickly move forward. We set expectations and deliver on our promises.



Empowered employees of Emapta

We enable our customers and partners to grow stronger and go further. We find great people, empower them, and set them free. We support them every step of the way with the right skilled resources, tools, development, and environment to achieve great things.



Bonded employees of Emapta

Relationships are in our DNA. They are the glue that bonds us and allows us to grow stronger and faster together with our customers, our partners, and our team members.