A workforce with a deeper sense of purpose is a workforce that stays and delivers.  

A 2021 study by McKinsey showed that people who find purpose at work are not only more productive than those who don’t; they are also heathier, more resilient, and more loyal to their organization.

To foster this sense of purpose within our own community, we opened opportunities for advocacy work through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.



Since August of 202395 employees from various teams have volunteered and joined our advocacy work, cleaning and prepping up local public schools, cleaning up coastal shores, and planting trees. 

These activities resulted in 24.5 hours spent on advocacy work with dozens of classrooms cleaned, 85.5 kilos of garbage collected, and 100 forest trees planted.  



“These efforts not only contribute to a positive impact on a broader scale but also align with our core values of empowerment and relationships by fostering a sense of shared purpose and connection within our organization,” she added.  

This year, the client teams that participated were from Ekahau, Unified, Secure Parking, Guesty, e2open, Course Hero, HLB Mann Judd, and More Telecom. 


When it comes to choosing which organizations to support, JK Penticase, Engagement Team Lead, said that everything is based on feedback from previous employee surveys.  

This shows how the organization values the voice of the people in the decision-making process, especially in advocacy work, so they can truly own these efforts.  



More CSR initiatives will be announced for the coming year as we expect more teams to pledge their time and energy to serve.  



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