In 2023, Emapta embarked on a groundbreaking innovation initiative, aimed at providing our workforce and client partners with unparalleled access to information, seamless support, and the ability to expand offshore operations. This initiative encompasses a series of internal systems that deliver a unified experience across various touchpoints.“The goal for us is to establish an interoperable system. If the customer seeks information, regardless of its source, they can access it with the simple touch of a button,” Scott Darrow emphasized.

Our overarching objective is to integrate these systems, including the Human Resources Information System (HRIS), into a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) system. This HCM system stands as the bedrock of Emapta’s integrated information highway.



At the core of realizing this vision is our strategic partnership with OutSystems, a global leader in low-code technology. Scott described low code as a transformative force, empowering Emapta’s technology team to develop applications using pre-built building blocks—a departure from the labor-intensive nature of traditional coding.To illustrate, he draws a comparison with baking: traditional coding is likened to crafting a cake from scratch, while low coding is akin to using a ready-mix cake batter—just add liquid, mix, and voila!

Thanks to low code, Emapta has successfully introduced 7 operational systems and 5 foundational projects. Notable among these are Emapta’s Talent Marketplace (ETM), showcasing roles across our global talent pool; ADAM, our information chatbot; and the MyEmapta super app.

Emapta recognizes the imperative of adapting to evolving global business needs. Our commitment is firm—to serve our clients better, faster, and smarter, empowering you to maximize the potential of your Emapta team. Your success remains our unwavering priority.


Emapta is an Australian-owned and managed knowledge-based staffing platform operating across the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Vietnam. For over a decade, we have helped companies in various industries to build their own teams that allowed them to grow and adapt to ever-changing market needs.