Experienced in the US mortgage industry

Lessen supervision and admin work

Save up to 70% labor costs

Key focus areas:

Work with team members to identify potential solutions/exceptions for denied loan files.
Interpret and analyze complex tax returns and financial documents.
Demonstrate ability to comprehend program changes and new program guidelines.
Implement new changes in daily production immediately with minimal error rate.
Provide superior customer service to both internal and external customers.
Maintain knowledge of available loan products.
Stay up to date on program and investor guidelines.
Adhere to confidentiality standards as outlined by security policy.
Utilize DU and LP underwriting system.
Use a computer to enter, access, and retrieve financial data.
Develop constructive and cooperative working relations with others and maintain them over time.
Work overtime as required.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Technical and soft skills:

Financial Analysis
Underwriting Guidelines
Mortgage Software
Data Verification
Attention to Detail
Time Management