Clients looking to transition their teams to hybrid or full onsite work can now occupy Emapta’s new flagship office spaces at the heart of the busiest business district in Manila.

In just over three months, Emapta opened three more office spaces at the PNB site in Makati City, a building surrounded by business, transport, and commercial hubs.

A client has fully occupied one of the new workspaces, but the two other offices on the 6th and 11th floors have hundreds of seats available.

Designed for people

Poy Chavez, Facilities and Admin Manager, said Emapta’s new office spaces in the PNB site veer away from the usual utilitarian design to cater to a modern work experience.



“We were guided by a simple yet impacting principle during the planning stage, and that is ‘architecture is for people, and so is Emapta.’ And that’s what we kept in mind when we were designing and building these new office spaces,” Poy added.

Emapta’s new workspaces are furnished with lounge sofas and accent chairs, a sparkling water station, and a large pantry, with a play on both interior and natural lighting to enhance the beauty of the space.

Even the walls and accents in our new workspaces are Instagram-worthy enough for the teams and employees, making the site even more attractive for the Millennial and Gen Z talent.


Built for business continuity

The new offices also incorporated hotdesking and free seating for remote core and client staff who may need a more productive space to work.

Nina Avecilla, Emapta’s Service Delivery Director, said the launch of Emapta’s new offices was planned in early 2022 when they started to see more clients transitioning to onsite setup.

Emapta expects foot traffic in the offices to be at 70% in the coming months as the world returns to normal.



All Emapta offices are fully secured with CCTV cameras and biometric locks, and are fully backed by 24/7 IT, HR, admin support teams.

If you’re interested in transitioning a remote team to hybrid or complete onsite work, you may contact your designated customer experience managers.


Emapta is an Australian-owned and managed knowledge-based staffing platform operating across the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Vietnam. For over a decade, we have helped companies in various industries to build their own teams that allowed them to grow and adapt to ever-changing market needs.