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Expand your hospitality and tourism expertise and strengthen your IT support with a trusted BPO provider

Travel & tourism providers worldwide are seeking to scale in order to offer better products and services as well as maintain market competitiveness and relevance to raise profit margins.

Looking at a potential $1.7 trillion market value by 2023, the global travel industry would outsource 1 out 10 people in all parts of the globe as the demand to manage the growing customer influx grows even higher.

Today, the Philippines stands as one of the most cost-efficient outsourcing destinations in the world for hospitality and tourism companies, providing a myriad of proficient, highly employable sales, back-office, and IT staff to resolve the following challenges:

  1. Need to build a new team focused on improving your customer engagement by creating and maintaining your omnichannel presence and various payment systems?
  2. Are you lacking resources or expertise in improving your customer service experience and complying with industry metrics such as PCI-DSS, Forbes and AAA standards?
  3. Need help in creating a team with experience in managing core activities or back-office tasks for travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, spas, and fitness centers?
  4. Want to integrate peer-to-peer (P2P) economy in your operations but don’t have the IT capabilities to build a secure platform for customer interaction?


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Why outsource hospitality and tourism services now? 

When it comes to outsourcing or offshoring that’s secure and can be scaled easily, travel agencies and hospitality establishments choose the Philippines because it is known to be a lowrisk offshoring country, offering a well-educated talent pool and broad experience in tourism and hospitality management. 

Aside from gaining access to premium talent, and additional technology, outsourcing saves you up to 72% in labor expenses, thanks to the low cost of living in the Philippines and government policies that offer generous benefits and support to the thriving BPO industry. Gaining access to a highly experienced talent pool of professionals, hospitality and tourism businesses can benefit from the Philippines’ high cultural compatibility, strong IT infrastructure, stringent IP protection, as well as proactive government support for outsourcing.


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Key benefits in outsourcing your hospitality and tourism team with Emapta

Our specialised recruiters have the expertise to source top hospitality and tourism management professionals that you require. Successful candidates are then processed by our HR for their legal employment requirements and benefits on your behalf, and through our career development programs, training, and certification courses, we ensure they’re up to date with the latest industry standards.

Your client data (such as Personally Identifiable Information or PII), property details, and other confidential information are protected through our comprehensive data security protocols integrated into your offshore team’s workstation. We also provide 24/7 IT help desk support via ticketing system, email, or phone to assist your staff in-person and/or remotely.

Our easy-in, easy-out outsourcing terms enable you to evaluate and further customise your offshore setup to suit your needs. Your full-time offshore insurance team will work exclusively for you from one of our state-of-the-art offices fully equipped with high-speed internet, security access, video conferencing rooms, and recreational amenities. We give you full control in managing your offshore team’s performance with Empower, our proprietary talent management system, and a fully managed office customised to reflect your organisation’s brand and culture.


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Different teams and roles in hospitality and tourism outsourcing

We give you the freedom to customise your team and when you want to scale. You can choose to start with 1 or 2 staff or quickly build an entire team of 20-50 professionals who can fill the following roles:

Travel Agent 

Travel Coordinator 

Hotel Manager 

Housekeeping Associate 

Hospitality Specialist 

Health and Wellness Specialist 


Spa Manager 

Food and Beverage Manager 

Restaurant Shift Supervisor 

Catering Manager 

Lodging Manager 

Event Coordinator/Planner 

Recreational Activities and Leisure Coordinator 

PR Manager 

Guest Relations Manager 

Guest Services Supervisor 

Maintenance Supervisor 

Reservations Agent 

Online Receptionist/Concierge 

Back-office Assistant 

Sales and Marketing Manager 

Customer Service Representative 

IT Manager 

Finance Manager 

Project Manager 

Looking for hospitality and tourism roles that are not mentioned above? Get in touch with us to know how we can help you source the talent you’re looking for!

At Emapta, we proudly partner with companies of all sizes – from all corners of the world – who call on our experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals. Honesty, loyalty, and great teamwork are paramount to their success. As it is to ours. Which is probably why close to 652 different companies have chosen to trust us with their outsourcing requirements.

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