With one of the lowest monthly averages in voluntary attrition, Emapta’s employee-first approach shows how valuable it is to invest in their employees.



A leading outsourcing services provider, Emapta employs skilled professionals in many talent-rich hubs to fulfill its clients’ needs for efficient and dependable team members. The company attributes its success to a “flourishing employee-driven ecosystem,” which makes attracting and retaining the best talent an absolute must. “If you want to attract and retain the right people, you have to provide the best options for them,” said Emapta founder and CEO Tim Vorbach.

Second time in a row

“I suppose every business is a people business but this one in particular, Emapta, everything we do is about people, about their lives, their careers. We are a people business because that’s where we started from. We started from 200-square meter office without a lot of attributes that the large BPOs had at that stage, but what we did have was heart, we have a determination to deliver exceptional people.” Tim shared.



For its efforts, the company has been recognized as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” in 2023 by HR Asia, the region’s most authoritative publication for HR professionals.

The publication’s annual “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” is one of the most prestigious accolades bestowed on companies in the region, exemplifying outstanding employee engagement and workplace cultures.

Given that this is Emapta’s second time to be recognized, it now joins other top companies in HR Asia’s Hall of Fame for its continuous efforts to maintain excellent people management practices.


The Emapta difference


Emapta’s company culture is one of empathy and care, qualities evidenced through its accessible work sites that are strategically located near popular business districts and residential areas – making it easier for employees to travel to and from work.

In addition, flexible work arrangements – whether from an Emapta site, at home, or a combination of both – allow employees to be at their productive best.

“Several of the company’s commuter-friendly work sites have indoor gyms that offer free group and 1-on-1 online workouts, courtesy of an in-house health and fitness instructor.

Other site amenities include gaming hubs, lounge, resting areas, as well as perks like free sparkling water and unlimited coffee. This is on top of the attractive salary packages and comprehensive benefits that employees get to enjoy.

To enhance employees’ quality of life, Emapta has invested in digital transformation efforts, highlighted by Emapta Launch Pal desktop app, MyEmapta mobile app, and Emapta Academy.

Emapta’s most compelling initiatives for employee engagement, however, focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion like the Leadership Enhancement Acceleration Program (LEAP), regular corporate communications, announcements, and essential webinars, performance reviews and career planning, employee success spotlight, employee engagement initiatives for both online and on site.

To strengthen work ties, the company also launched Emapta Clubs, allowing employees to enjoy their hobbies and interests with colleagues.

Aside from its continuous efforts to provide excellent experiences for both its employees and clients, Emapta is also focused on its ongoing expansion, having recently launched in Malaysia. This is the fourth location that the company opened after starting in the Philippines over a decade ago. Other Emapta locations include Sri Lanka, Colombia, and Macedonia.

“We have a decision to make every day, and when we do, we always choose what’s better for our people and the client. We make those investments.” said Tim.


Emapta is an ISO-certified global talent solutions provider trusted by hundreds of businesses across industries and geographies. With presence across Southeast Asia, East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, we specialize in delivering top talent tailored to our clients’ needs.