Emapta’s Chief Information Officer Henry Vassall Jones was among the hundreds of cybersecurity experts who spoke at the PhilSec Summit, the Philippines’ largest event on cybersecurity. Here’s what he had to say about the current state of data security in the Business Process Outsourcing industry.

Digital innovations in the last few years have created an environment where businesses can seamlessly work with a globalized workforce – a change that has revolutionized the way entire industries do business.

But while this tech-driven and borderless approach has helped many organizations, it is not without its challenges.

This borderless digital ecosystem we are accustomed to has many advantages. However, it inherently introduces a kaleidoscope of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that not all companies are ready for,” said Henry Vassall Jones, Chief Information Officer of Emapta, a leading multinational offshore staffing solutions provider.  

“These complexities begin at the most basic level of an employee and scale up to global operations, resulting in a complicated ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.”

For Jones, who spoke at the recently concluded PhilSec Summit last July 5, 2023, implementing stable infrastructure and technology solutions is just half of the job when it comes to protecting businesses of a global nature.

“These delicate and critical layers must have the flexibility to be tailored to meet the unique demands of each client at every level of operation.”

As CIO, Jones has spearheaded Emapta’s digital-first technology and transformation strategy, which is no small feat for an organization undergoing rapid growth.



He emphasized that truly understanding customers – their needs, requirements, and goals – builds business confidence and peace of mind.

Jones also talked about the impact of artificial intelligence on business. As organizations become dependent on AI, he says that new strategies need to be developed to protect information, especially if large datasets are involved.



“Leveraging the latest AI and LLM technologies, Emapta has developed an Enterprise Artificial Intelligence roadmap, with the vision to be at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge solutions in the BPO industry in a secure and ethically responsible manner that upholds the privacy of our organizations, our clients and individuals,” Jones said.

Founded in 2010 by CEO Tim Vorbach, Emapta started as a Philippine-based offshore staffing provider. But the rise in global employment allowed the organization to grow into a 6,000-strong workforce across a network of 17 global offices in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Macedonia and Malaysia, serving more than 600 clients all over the world.


Emapta is an Australian-owned and managed knowledge-based staffing platform operating across the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Vietnam. For over a decade, we have helped companies in various industries to build their own teams that allowed them to grow and adapt to ever-changing market needs.