“Your team, your way” will take on a new meaning for our customers next year as we begin our journey towards building our own Human Capital Management (HCM) system, which will integrate all facets of Emapta’s People & Culture services. 

Wondz Salazar, Director for People & Culture, said that once HCM is launched, it will provide customers with full access to all services in the most convenient way possible.  

With no additional costs, customers will be able to use the HCM for employee and team information, time and attendance, performance management, and more. 



The implementation of the HCM will be in phases, he said, and customers will receive updates on the development of this project.  


Taking world-class employee care a notch higher 

While attrition continues to be a challenge globally, your teams at Emapta maintain a high employee satisfaction rating across the board.

According to Wondz, the company’s average employee net promoter score (eNPS) through 2023 was between 38+, with a range of 35+ to 45+, which exceeds global benchmarks.  

“Our satisfaction surveys reflect an overall positive work experience, considering we have heavily implemented employee experience projects in 2023. Our goal next year is to take it higher,” said Wondz.

To achieve this goal, he said the People & Culture division will be rolling out more high-touch activities, developmental programs, and strategic employee engagement activities for employees. 



These may include tapping commercial brands as “lifestyle partners,” where employees can get discounts from shops simply by presenting their company IDs. 

“We will also roll out more leadership programs for our customers who may have future organization leaders within their Emapta team,” Wondz said. “And we have a tailored Individual Development Plan called Emapta PROPEL (Professional and Personal Learning) that our customers can use to implement skills enhancement and competencies mastery for employees. Our client-focused approach ensures that the development journey is aligned with the unique business goals of each customer.” 

“The vision for the Emapta employee experience is true empowerment. We want our people to be empowered, both in work and in life,” he added. 



Emapta is an Australian-owned and managed knowledge-based staffing platform operating across the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Vietnam. For over a decade, we have helped companies in various industries to build their own teams that allowed them to grow and adapt to ever-changing market needs.