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Think Different, Lead Different: How Dyslexia Fuels Tech Innovation

In this edition of the Sourced Out newsletter, Emapta Chief Technology Officer, Scott Darrow, shares his insights on dyslexia and its power in the tech industry.

For far too long, dyslexia has been viewed as a learning disability, a hurdle to overcome.



Having navigated the tech industry for over four decades, I’ve witnessed firsthand how dyslexic thinking can be a game-changer. It’s not about ignoring the challenges dyslexia presents, but rather, about reframing them as unique strengths.


The Power of Dyslexic Processing

Dyslexic thinking is all about approaching information differently.

Traditional education systems might not always cater to this style, but the dynamic world of tech thrives on it.

Turning Challenges into Assets

So, how can dyslexic leaders harness the full potential of their unique thinking style?

Here are Leadership Strategies for Dyslexic Thinkers:


Tech is Your Ally: Ironically, technology is a powerful tool for dyslexic leaders. Text-to-speech software, speech recognition, and mind mapping applications can significantly improve productivity by addressing dyslexia-related challenges. By embracing these tools, leaders can focus on their strengths and minimize obstacles.

The Power of Diversity: Building a diverse team with different thinking styles is a strategic advantage for dyslexic leaders. Surrounding yourself with detail-oriented individuals complements the big-picture vision of dyslexic leaders, creating a well-rounded approach to problem-solving and innovation. This emphasis on diversity goes beyond just appreciating dyslexic strengths; it fosters a culture of inclusion that values all thinking styles.

Growth Mindset is Key: Embracing a growth mindset is crucial for turning perceived weaknesses into strengths. Dyslexic leaders should view their unique thinking patterns as assets, not limitations. By continuously learning and refining their leadership skills, they can leverage their innate abilities to drive success.

Building an Inclusive Culture: Neurodiversity shouldn’t just be a buzzword; it should be a strategic priority. Fostering a workplace culture that values different thinking styles is not just the right thing to do, it’s a recipe for innovation and success. By creating an environment where dyslexic leaders feel empowered to contribute their unique strengths, organizations unlock a wider range of talents and perspectives, propelling them towards a brighter future.

The Dyslexic Advantage is Real

My journey as a technology leader with dyslexia has shown me firsthand the power of this unique way of thinking. It’s not a disability; it’s a different ability – one that can be a tremendous asset in the ever-evolving world of technology. By embracing dyslexic thinking and fostering an inclusive environment, we can unlock the true potential of these leaders and propel the tech industry towards a future brimming with innovation.



We may never know for sure, but one thing is certain:

Dyslexic leaders have the potential to be a driving force in the future of tech. But how can you tap into this potential and empower your dyslexic leaders to truly shine? Building a team that complements their strengths can be a game-changer.

At Emapta, we offer a talent pool rich in diverse skills and thinking styles.

Let us help you build a dream team that unlocks the full potential of your dyslexic leaders.

Send us a message through [email protected] and our team will gladly assist you.




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