Atlantic Bay Mortgage: Culture is our foundation for success

Managing costs has always been a compelling reason why companies outsource.

However, experts have long indicated that a strong work culture – highlighted by shared values and practices – is just as important when choosing an outsourcing partner.

According to, having the right culture results in better retention, higher job satisfaction, and increased collective performance within the organization. 

It is because of these factors that companies like Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group have enjoyed continued offshore success with Emapta. Based in Virginia Beach, Atlantic Bay is one of the top-ranked mortgage companies in the US.
In 2023, it was recognized as the #1 Best Large Mortgage Company to Work For by the National Mortgage News. 



Atlantic Bay credits their 26-year success in part to its people-centric culture, best demonstrated by its core values: “We Continuously Grow, We Genuinely Care, and We Like to Have Fun”. 

This unwavering adherence to its principles has made Atlantic Bay one of the best mortgage companies to work for in the US. But more importantly, it has served as an important touchstone for the company when it began its outsourcing journey.

Clif Gustafson, Director of External Resources at Atlantic Bay, said that traditional outsourcing models weren’t cutting it for the company. 



The outsourcing providers encountered by Atlantic Bay also saw success solely through performance, which was not in line with how Atlantic Bay worked with its employees and stakeholders. “Measuring people against our core values is just as important to us,” Gustafson said. “If we find the right people who match our culture, they will thrive and be successful in our system.”

Upon the recommendation of an industry peer, Atlantic Bay chose Emapta to fill a variety of roles in loan processing and back-office work. Known for its bespoke outsourcing service, Emapta’s offshore model proved to be very promising for the company

Gustafson, who participated in the development of the recruitment and training process, said the creation of Atlantic Bay’s pioneer offshore team was a challenging time for the company. “It was our first time with a lot of these things, but we also saw that Emapta shared a mutual interest in Atlantic Bay’s continued growth and development and was willing to adapt with us.”

Gustafson also noted that many of the early applicants were geared towards metrics and similar performance indicators but provided little insight on their personality and work ethic. 

Emapta quickly streamlined the review process to match Atlantic Bay’s unique requirements, saving more time in the process. “Atlantic Bay’s managers worked with Emapta’s recruitment team to dial in the specific talent we’re looking for”, Gustafson said.

This pivot proved to be effective and meaningful, as Atlantic Bay’s Philippine team was a near-perfect match for the company. “The values shared by the Filipino people is a natural fit with the values of Atlantic Bay,” Gustafson said. “Our team members have become invaluable in the day-to-day operations of the company.”

Today, the company has forged a strong bond with its Manila team, with many of its pioneer team members still working for Atlantic Bay. 



He also has a fond memory of a team member who moved to Australia to continue her postgraduate studies. “She spoke highly of her supervisor, whom she credits for giving her the confidence to pursue her dreams,” Gustafson said, adding that the team member wished to return to Atlantic Bay once she completed her studies. “It shows that we can be a positive force in each other’s lives and remain a good company.” 

While cost savings from its partnership with Emapta have enabled Atlantic Bay to remain competitive, especially with the recent volatility in the US mortgage industry, the company points to its work culture for its continued success.  

“Emapta has delivered on providing us with cost-effective employment solutions while still maintaining our culture,” Gustafson said.  

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