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Harnessing the power of low-code tech to build global talent

SINGAPORE – Low-code is set to further push the pace of digital transformation across industries, and leading offshore solutions provider Emapta is at the forefront of harnessing its power to help businesses build and manage global talent.

Speaking at the “NextStep Executive” event by top low-code platform OutSystems on Tuesday, October 10, Emapta Chief Technology Officer Scott Darrow said low-code technology has allowed the company to transition into an interoperable business environment powered by internal software and app.

“We’ve built Human Resource Management Systems. We’ve developed editing portals to manage attendance, leads, and other management processes like payroll. We’ve built the MyEmapta app. We’ve built a talent marketplace. The list goes on,” he said.

Darrow is a returning panelist at the annual OutSystems event, which aims to gather the top tech leaders in the region and discuss developments about low-code technology and how they are shaping the way people do business.

Harnessing the power of low code tech to build global talent collage

The Emapta CTO has been a leader in the tech industry for over two decades, leading the digital transformation efforts of companies in various industries, including fintech, banking, and outsourcing.

OutSystems has been one of the leading providers of low-code solutions through its highly customizable platform, helping businesses develop internal software and apps faster than traditional coding.

With Emapta tapping the OutSystems platform, the company is poised to deliver talent faster to its customers worldwide and even allow them to harness the power of low-code technology in managing their own global team.

What is low-code?

In a post-event blog post, Darrow explained that developing apps in a low-code environment is like having the capability to bake a nice and tasty cake with a delicious ready-made mix instead of making batter from scratch.

Future of software development in a low code environment

The veteran technology leader said low-code platforms introduce opportunities for professionals and staff members of an organization to learn how they can take advantage of coding in their respective tasks.
Darrow also emphasized that having low-code capabilities is just one thing, and for best results, organizations that want to delve into this technology to speed up their digital transformation must prepare the whole process flow of the company.

“Yes, you can now move things faster. Yes, you can maintain code faster. You can do a lot of really great things. But it’s still all about the framework,” he said, recommending the adoption of an Agile framework.

With its partnership with OutSystems, Emapta will also be able to provide talent trained with low-code capabilities to customers who would want to explore this faster and more accessible way to complete their digital transformation journey.

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Having access to both talent and technology will be the key in thriving in this new era of business that places utmost importance to speed, flexibility, and accessibility, and Emapta is always one step ahead in providing these capabilities to its customers.

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