6 Good Reasons to Consider Outsourced Recruiting

What is recruitment process outsourcing?

An organization may have a strong vision and an excellent strategy at hand, but it will still need the right people to execute the plan to perfection. Finding and hiring the right people, though, could be difficult, especially for businesses that lack expertise in this field. In cases like these, companies may want to reap the benefits of outsourced recruiting services.

Outsourced recruiting or recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a cost-efficient business solution where companies transfer the whole or certain parts of their recruitment process to an external provider. The RPO provider not only serves as an extension of a company’s human resource function but also boosts certain capabilities with its own manpower and expertise.

Traditional recruitment firms only source candidates for a specific role, but RPO takes ownership of end-to-end recruitment processes, from strategy planning, sourcing, hiring, and retention, using a dedicated recruitment team, enterprise-grade technology, tested methodologies, and reporting systems for accountability.



Why do businesses outsource recruitment?

There are many reasons why businesses outsource recruitment, and they mostly depend on a company’s specific needs. Some companies need to hire a huge number of people fast, some are looking for specific roles and expertise that are difficult to find in their area, while some are looking to leverage the expertise of an RPO provider.

Here are the most common reasons why businesses outsource recruitment.

1. Speed and flexibility to scale

Companies that have seasonal demands need speed and flexibility when it comes to hiring the right people. Outsourced recruiting provides plug and play solutions that will allow businesses to quickly boost headcount to meet seasonal needs and even a sudden increase in demand. RPO recruiters can do both on-demand and project-based services with easy in, easy out terms.


2. Access to niche roles

With a global talent shortage, many companies are struggling to find the right people that will fit specific specialist roles. An RPO provider maintains expansive global talent pools for specific verticals that an in-house HR department would not have. Having a long-term partnership with an RPO provider would ensure a stable source of talent for any organization.


3. Data-driven solutions and accountability

Businesses that outsourced recruiting have access to their provider’s technology that can otherwise be expensive when acquired in-house. RPO providers use data analytics, artificial intelligence, and customized monitoring systems to track every stage of the recruitment process for real-time reporting and auditing – detailed insights that are crucial in decision-making points.


4. Assured compliance

Laws on recruitment may vary from country to country or even region to region. Non-compliance with these legal requirements may put the company in a bad spot and eventually turn away potential top-quality candidates. Outsourcing recruitment guarantees minimal risks because RPO providers have in-depth knowledge of international and domestic labour laws.


5. Exceptional employer branding

Most recruitment models today place a heavy emphasis on candidate experience in making successful hires. RPO providers are built to create a superior candidate experience that will allow a company to make a great first impression on highly sought-after applicants, making them more likely to accept an offer and even refer some of their colleagues.

RPO providers specialize in strategising different aspects of recruitment, which includes amplifying the brand of a business – an often-neglected part of recruitment. Boosting employer brands engages the candidates, cultivates loyalty, and increases the chances of recruits referring a business to their colleagues.

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6. Cost-efficiency

All the above-mentioned benefits of outsourced recruiting come with huge savings. RPO providers source talent from countries with dramatically lower labour costs, like the Philippines, helping you save resources that you can allocate to other important aspects of your business, which means you are on pace for growth.



Choosing the right provider

The benefits of outsourced recruiting are always there, but you can only make the most out of an RPO’s services by choosing the right partner. It is not enough to just look at one RPO provider. It is important to look at the profiles of multiple providers so you can compare the unique services they can offer to you.

Here is a checklist of what you should look for when finding the right RPO partner.

1. Location and talent pool

Many businesses choose to outsource recruitment to offshore providers not only because of the lower costs but also because of the access to specific niche talents that are abundant in certain countries. Outsourcing to offshore providers will also allow you to set up 24/7 operations on certain recruitment processes because of their location and time zone.


2. Experience and record

Look for a partner that has extensive experience in providing outsourced recruiting services because chances are these providers have an expansive network of talent. Do not hesitate to ask a provider about its experience and if possible, let them substantiate their claims with documentary proof. You can also research online reviews to validate their track record.


3. Subject matter experts

There are RPO providers that have subject matter experts (SME) as their recruitment leaders. For example, some providers have certified public accountants with recruitment expertise to help their clients who are looking to hire accountants and bookkeepers. SMEs can provide insights for strategy and improve the requirements you need for a specific role.


4. Security and technology

When scouting for an RPO provider, never hesitate to ask about their security and technology infrastructures. Compliance with international standards is important to ensure that your data is safe with them. You also need to check the technology they have to see if it is up to date or if it suits your specific requirements.


5. Culture and adaptability

Because you will be working with an external provider, it is critical to find an RPO partner that can adjust not only to your requirements but also to your culture. Having an RPO partner that can align with your business goals and culture will result in a partnership that will be beneficial in the long run.


6. Transparency

Reputable RPO providers do not have hidden costs. If you are looking for a good partnership, search for an RPO provider that can give you a breakdown of all the costs involved in the transaction. The best RPO providers also allot time to listen to your requirements, walk you through every step of the way, and provide accurate and timely data-driven reports.


Lastly, if you are looking for a partner that checks all the boxes, you might want to start with outsourcing firms in the Philippines. The Southeast Asian nation has consistently ranked as among the top outsourcing destinations in the world because of its talent, technology, industries, and strong government support.

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Once you have found your preferred provider, the next thing you need to do is to make sure you inform this partner all about your pain points and requirements so you can both craft an effective recruitment strategy. Done right, outsourcing recruitment elevates the ranks of your business by giving you a competitive edge.


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