7 Data Entry Clerk Skills That Every Data Clerk Should Have

Data entry clerk skills are imperative for any individual seeking a career in data entry. These skills will ensure a high level of quality and efficiency to maximize their productivity. 

The capability of a business to crunch and analyse big sets of information with data entry clerks is critical in this data-driven world. Big data does not only deliver crucial insights for businesses, but it also forecasts other opportunities and projects months or years ahead.  

As the pandemic-hounded world begins to fully embrace the digital revolution, more and more businesses continue to rely on big data and analytics to usher forward, putting a higher value on roles that involve data input and management.   

Data entry clerks will be one of the most important roles in years to come as it involves critical tasks, such as verifying data accuracy, managing data flow, and helping build large datasets and fully working data management systems for business intelligence.  

1. Basic Data Gathering Skills

Data work will always include research, making it important for data entry clerks to know where to find the information needed for the dataset. Data clerks must have a good understanding of the database’s subject and the nature of information needed. It is equally important for them to have the ability to discern whether or not a set of information is verified and true.  


2. Database Structure Knowledge 

 Datasets are always structured in rows, columns, tables, and charts for easier access. Data entry clerks need to understand and use this to navigate a database. Having knowledge of basic data management and statistics terms is a big check for data entry clerks vying for a position in your business.   


3. Database Software Knowledge 

Tools are your friend in the world of data, and it is imperative for data entry clerks to know how to use some of the most used data management tools and software. It will make it easier for them to adapt to your business’ Customer Relationship Management systems and manage large sets of information involving their clients. Knowing some data entry hacks on MS Excel is a big plus.  


4. Pro-level Typing Skills

data entry clerk typing skill
Perhaps all people in the world today can type, but not everyone can type with speed and accuracy. With loads of information to input, data entry clerks must be able to type fast to be able to finish more. Most data entry professionals have an average typing skill of 45 to 75 words per minute with a hundred percent accuracy ‒ a skill very important, especially in word processing and transcription work.    


5. A Keen Eye for Details  

They say the devil is always in the details, and in the world of data, that devil can definitely wreak havoc. A single mistake, misplaced data, or typographical error can badly affect a whole dataset. This is why data entry clerks must have a keen eye for details. Having a detail-oriented mindset should be a priority when looking for data entry clerks.   


6. Good Social & Communication Skills 

Teamwork is an important skill for data entry clerks because working on a dataset always involves more than one person. It is also important for professionals to have a good grasp of your language to be able to communicate smoothly with their colleagues and superiors. Without this, crucial instructions and directions can be lost in translation, which can be catastrophic for any business.   


7. Savvy Time Management & Organising Skills  

Working on large datasets will take a lot of time. Without proper time management and a knack for organising, one will find himself lagging with some tasks. Make sure to find a data entry clerk that knows who to manage time, use calendars and scheduling systems, plot assignments in a calendar, and follow a strict schedule.  


The function of data entry clerks varies depending on the industry, but it commonly includes audio and video transcription, invoice and billing data entry, mailing lists compilation, employee records management, legal records management, digitisation of paper-based records, e-commerce product listings, survey data entry services, market research data input, and more.  


Data entry clerks will continue to be in demand as the world embraces the digital age, and outsourcing will be key in finding the right talent for your business. Offloading data entry tasks to an offshore team will free you up for strategic thinking while reducing overhead costs. More time on the core tasks means faster growth for the business.  


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