3 Signs You Need to Transition to Another Outsourcing Partner

When businesses grow, their needs also change⁠ — vision becomes clearer, and goals become bigger. Some outsourcing partners lacking the flexibility to do it will not be able to cater to all these needs.

It’s times like these that you need to reevaluate your goals and if they still align with your affiliate. To help you sort things out, here are 3 things that tell you it’s time to move on and find another outsourcing partner.


Three Signs That May Indicate It’s Time to Switch to a New Outsourcing Partner

1. Company culture takes a backseat

Your offshore team may be hired by the outsourcing partner, but practically speaking, they are your own team, albeit abroad. They work with the same vision and goals in mind. So, it only follows that they have the same company culture as yours. From your office branding and design, ID lanyards, facilities, to activities, your presence must be felt.

What we offer: Your Team, Your Way is Emapta’s mantra. Clients of other outsourcing firms have come to Emapta saying they could not even put their logos and company values on their offshore offices. We go out of our way to bring your culture to your offshore team. Need a “Pizza Day” for your offshore team? Want a game room for your offices? Thinking of having a dog statue on your entrance? Full customization for your entire dedicated office? Tell us and we’ll make it work.



2. Tech capabilities become inadequate

With the advent of hybrid work setups and the rise of data breaches, your outsourcing partner should be able to provide you with secure, customizable IT solutions. What’s more, software systems, IT capabilities, and IT requirements may change as you get bigger. Most of the time, fast-growing businesses require more flexibility for their offshore team so they can be in sync with the onshore staff. When this happens and the outsourcing partner cannot deliver, it’s time to look for one that can handle your growth and can sync your team abroad with the one in your main base. 

What we offer: We recognise how important having tailor-fitted software and hardware configurations are and we understand that every client has their own requirements when it comes to both hardware and software. From the get-go, we provide you with a checklist that you can customize based on your exact requirements and we go out of our way to provide just that. We let you take control over the systems you want and need to use, while we provide 24/7 support. 


3. The need for better, cost-effective offices

When your business is scaling at a rapid rate, you need offices with better security and facilities that will not only protect your business but will also make your offshore staff feel part of the growth. Secure parking, gym access, customised board rooms — you’ll need an outsourcing partner that can provide all these at flexible terms to ensure your progress is unhampered.

What we offer: You can choose from any of our 14 ultra-modern offices in key cities across the Philippines. From private dedicated office spaces branded with your identity to shared designer open-plan areas, you get to choose based on what you need. We have offices that have gym access, cafe areas, entertainment rooms, fully equipped board rooms, and more.


Your offshore team is not just a team hired by your outsourcing partner. It is an extension of your business abroad. The amount of control and flexibility you get in handling your offshore team is very important. When in the course of rapid growth you feel restricted with the terms of your outsourcing partner, it may be time to move your team into another one.

If you’re considering moving your team to a better service provider, we make sure that transitioning to Emapta is as easy as 5 steps.




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