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Future-proof IT Solutions Power Emapta Partners’ Growth Amid Pandemic

future proof IT solutions

The need for future-proof IT Solutions is becoming increasingly important as we enter the digital era.

Enterprise-level data security protocols and robust IT capabilities propelled Emapta to seamlessly mobilise its 3,500-strong workforce into a work-from-home set-up at the start of the pandemic, helping our partners achieve growth despite tightened restrictions.

Within the first 72 hours of the lockdown, while some companies were still figuring out secure remote work solutions, Emapta had already executed Business Continuity Strategies, updated IT policies, configured remote network access, and had begun transporting work devices to its employees across the Philippines.

In just 2 weeks, 100% of Emapta’s staff were fully activated and fully equipped for a work-from-home arrangement with the company providing turnkey home office installation, dedicated support teams and a 24/7 IT support system, and business continuity solutions.

Over a year into the Philippine lockdown, Emapta and its client partners continue to operate successfully with a flexible hybrid work-from-home solution for alongside complete and highly secure in-office solutions.

“Our IT capabilities are an important component that enables a secure and reliable data processing environment which is a critical pillar to the success of offshore teams. From day one, Emapta has valued and invested heavily in our technology solutions, this positioned us to respond to the pandemic quickly without compromising security.” said Henry Vassall Jones, Emapta’s Chief Technology Officer.


Emapta AnywhereTM key to futureproofing workforce

Key to managing the company’s hybrid workforce is Emapta AnywhereTM – a secure, advanced, and highly customisable hybrid work setup solution that allows its partners to access the best talent from anywhere in the country.

Emapta AnywhereTM ensures sustained and uninterrupted operations with highly accessible and pandemic-ready office spaces across the country, all of which have passed the standards of the Labour Department.

It also offers, among others, 24/7 on-site and remote IT support, custom-built remote management tools like Empower and ESP, enabling partners to access real-time information on their team’s performance, attendance, and leave management.


Growth in the time of COVID

Emapta’s fast response and robust IT capabilities not only enabled its partners to continue offshore operations under tight COVID restrictions but also resulted in growth among its partners in a time when a lot of companies are closing due to the pandemic.

Some of the top-performing partners were American Financial Network, which saw a 300% increase in loan processing, and Mortgage Quality Management Research LLC, which saw a 150% increase in capacity.

Despite all the challenges of the pandemic, Emapta has built a system to ensure that work is safe, secure, and flexible for the employees and its partners, no matter what the future holds.

“Flexibility is one of our core values and we’re proud to lead the way. A year into this pandemic, I am happy to see the continuous growth of our existing and new clients,” said Tim Vorbach, Emapta’s CEO.


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