Outsource Overseas Like a Pro With These 5 Savvy Tips

Outsourcing overseas, with all the perceived complexities surrounding it, may sound intimidating at times. But modern innovations and solutions in the industry have been in place to make outsourcing overseas simpler and more efficient for businesses.

In fact, Emapta CEO Tim Vorbach believes building and growing a team through outsourcing overseas has never been easier, especially with the technological advancements that come with the digital era. It is only a matter of knowing what you want and what you can get to make the most out of outsourcing overseas, added the veteran industry leader, who has been helping businesses grow through Emapta in the past 11 years.



1. Build a team that fits your culture

Having access to the best talent pool is important in overseas outsourcing. But equally important is having a voice in determining the qualities of the people that will fit your goals and culture. After all, outsourced overseas teams are your team, an extension of your business abroad. Understanding this is key not only in finding the right talent but also in retaining and making them feel satisfied.


2. Get full customisation over your team

Rigid structures in overseas outsourcing are a thing of the past. Current outsourcing work overseas models allow businesses to have the flexibility to inculcate their culture, brand, and personality into their teams abroad. Even dedicated offices, access controls, private meeting rooms, policies, and procedures can be fully customised and aligned with the onshore team. It is, to reiterate, an extension of your business abroad.


3. Time zones matter

Gone are the days when businesses struggle to get their teams abroad in sync with their operations because of time zone woes. Modern structures and solutions already allow businesses to outsource overseas a team that works in the same shift as their onshore counterparts without compromising the quality of work, especially when you have the right overseas outsourcing partner taking care of your team abroad.


4. Demand transparency

Outsourcing overseas in modern times has been simpler. That only means pricing schemes should be transparent, especially on salaries, benefits, and related costs. It helps to find a third-party provider that has easy-in and easy-out terms with no hidden costs. Any hidden or additional charges outside what was present should be a red flag.


5. Check for a dedicated 24/7 Support Team

Working with a team overseas requires high-level business continuity and data security measures. This will only be possible with a partner that has a 24/7 Support Team for IT, payroll, human resource, admin, and customer service teams to ensure that all systems are up and running efficiently.


Overseas outsourcing is the future of business

With changing demographics and the rising labour costs across industries worldwide, Tim Vorbach believes overseas outsourcing is the future of business. In fact, recent studies even show that 78% of businesses in the world continue to have an optimistic outlook about their overseas outsourcing partnership.


Tim Vorbach Quote Outsourcing Overseas Is The Future Of Business


Having this in mind, Tim has enabled Emapta to provide innovative and flexible solutions to futureproof businesses of all sizes across the world.

“We don’t have ‘cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all’ templates,” Tim said on the extent of customisation Emapta gives to its partners in offshoring their team. “Our teams can create a tailored recruitment solution which can complement a business’s existing hiring requirements, timelines and budget.”

Australian company, Positive Lending Solutions backed Tim’s statement, calling Emapta a “clear winner” in the offshoring industry, after successfully integrating its own offshore team from the Philippines.

“Our relationship has been great and Emapta is very responsive — it’s a real collaborative approach,” said the company’s founder and CEO Tom Caesar. “You can build out however much control you want, or none, if you don’t want any control at all. It’s up to you and how you want to do it.”

Key to this collaborative relationship, Tim explained, is how Emapta values the voice of its partners in approaching tailored business solutions. The client’s needs are Emapta’s guiding light in hiring and maintaining their teams.


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