Emapta Same-Day Credit Systems: FAQs

Providing timely support to our teams through resolving your pay concerns faster.

Your dedication and hard work are important to us. We understand how inconvenient pay disputes can be and how they can lead to discrepancies and confusion if left unresolved. To avoid these inconveniences, we implemented the same-day credit policy for your salary disputes. The FAQs listed below will help you understand the policy and guide you through the process. 


What is a pay dispute?

A pay dispute can take several forms. Employees may dispute the amount of wages they are paid by claiming they were not paid the correct amount, were not paid at all, or even overpaid. Employee pay disputes are governed by labor laws (ie: holiday pay/overtime pay laws) and company policies (ie: time and attendance policies).  

A pay dispute claim is usually submitted by employees to HR or the payroll team after receiving their pay slips and salary in their payroll bank account. 


What does the same-day credit system mean? 

Previously, Emapta employees receive their pay credit adjustments through a special payout schedule days after filing a dispute or on the next payroll cut-off. The Same-Day Credit System complements the new payout dates by crediting the adjusted amount to the employees on the same day that the dispute is filed – no more waiting for the next cut-off!

This is a pilot program to be launched in July 2022. During this pilot run, we encourage all employees to report any issues and suggestions as we improve and refine the process by emailing [email protected].


Where can I file my pay disputes?

Under the Same-Day Credit system, you can file pay disputes directly to our HR team through the Centre for HR Employee Enquiries and Requests or C.H.E.E.R.


What are the requirements for filing? 

Employees are required to provide proof of items being disputed. For example, if you are claiming for overtime that has not been credited to your salary, you will need to attach a screenshot of your approved overtime.


What is the coverage of pay dispute filing and availment of same-day crediting?

Employees may file their pay disputes within 3 days after the pay-out. Anything filed after this period will be considered as an adjustment for the next cut-off. To avail the same-day crediting, the dispute must be filed by 3:00 PM PH time. If filed after the said cut-off, crediting will be applied on the following day.


What if the credited amount exceeds the official calculation of my salary adjustment?

The excess will be deducted from your salary on the next payout.


I have other questions or concerns.

You may reach out to our HR team through the Centre for HR Employee Enquiries and Requests or C.H.E.E.R. You can find out more about Emapta C.H.E.E.R here.