Online Vaccine Hub


This one-stop source gives your team access to our vaccine status tracker.

With over 3,300 (90%) team members participating in our latest survey, 41% of Emapta staff have been vaccinated or have received the 1st dose of the vaccine already.

In addition, employees also read about verified information about the Moderna vaccine – its efficacy, and other medical articles to answer common concerns and queries. Some features of the vaccine hub include:

1. Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) about the Moderna vaccine delivery timelines and process

2. Talent Updates for the latest news, policies, and updates regarding COVID-19

3. Moderna Vaccine key statistics and general information compiled from official resources, such as CDC and WHO, to provide employees with facts and precautions about the vaccine.

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Safety Seal Certified


We’re proud to share that our BDO, JAKA, PNB, ASB, BAGUIO, TIP, SFS, JMT sites passed the Safety Seal Certification for observing COVID-19 guidelines while working in the office.

Our Facilities & Administration team is working on getting the DTI-Certified Seals for OSB and Angeles sites in the near future.

As more client teams are preparing to come back to the office, we have reinforced safety and sanitation protocols and training.

Transition to App


Both onsite and offsite team members have been fully transitioned to use StaySafe.Ph, the Philippines’ official contract tracing app. Benefits of having the app include:

• Easy access for contact tracing as the StaySafe.Ph app can be installed via mobile (downloadable in all major app stores) or desktop (web app version)

• Seamless reporting for team members who only need to scan the QR code with the app and fill out a short digital form to complete their health check-in

• Timely tracking of team members who need medical advice through the updated digital logbook provided by the StaySafe.Ph app to its HR Business Partners