Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT)
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What is a Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT)?

Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) is a methodology that measures a customer’s satisfaction with his or her interaction with a company, organization, or brand. CSAT makes use of surveys that ask customers to rate their experience from a range of 1-3, 1-5, or 1-10.

Organizations can use customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) to gauge customer satisfaction at exact moments on the customer’s journey, like discovery, purchase, onboarding, or support. Data gathered from CSATs allow the organizations to see what part of the customer’s journey they should maintain, improve, or remove to make the overall experience better.

Emapta allows its clients to follow their customers’ journey closely by providing highly qualified customer success teams from the Philippines. With the solutions we offer, our clients have been able to execute efficient customer data collection, customer success journey mapping, and customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) survey design and management, among others.

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