Meet Our First FASTER Ambassadors

We are glad to announce the recipients of the first CEO Awards during this year’s first Town Hall meeting. The nominees of the award are Emapta’s core team members who have best exemplified the company’s FASTER values



Out of the 10 nominees, three team members were selected as our FASTER ambassadors for the month: Abbie Martinez from Facilities and Admin, Myra Lourdes Nibungco from Global Talent Solutions, and Tin Macario from Growth.



Handling an average of 400 client requests a month at the PNB Building, Abbie has managed to deliver exceptional results without any escalations nor problems. She has also secured our safety seal in PNB, proving her willingness to establish a great relationship with the local government and building admin.

Myra, meanwhile, has been responsible for getting quality hires for different departments, which has only made Emapta stronger. She has shown her commitment above and beyond her scope of work and has been reliable in recommending solutions to hiring managers.

On the other hand, Tin’s presence in the Growth team has been essential in getting the group through the transitions earlier this year. Tin always gets things done and is a vital part of exceeding the team’s targets in 5 months.

Once again, congratulations to this month’s FASTER Ambassadors! We look forward to honoring our next set of employees this August who will remarkably demonstrate our company values.