Welcome to Emapta's First Sri Lanka Office!

Our first step to global expansion in 2022

On February 15, 2022, Emapta has officially opened our newest office in Sri Lanka.The company’s global expansion will augment our Philippine-based operations and launch job opportunities for an interconnected labour force that serves best businesses around the globe.

Emapta Founder and CEO Tim Vorbach said the opportunities for career growth are huge as the company serves over 460 clients from various industries in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“I believe that the talent in Sri Lanka is ripe for international exposure. Emapta is here to bridge the remarkable talent pool in Sri Lanka and the Philippines to the international community and support them all the way in their journey for career growth,” Tim stated.

The Sri Lankan core team of Emapta, led by Country Manager Mano Jayachandran, formally opened their office at Elegance Workspaces, a luxury co-working establishment located at 31 Queens Road, Colombo.

The Colombo office, which is surrounded by major establishments and institutions within the Central Business District, is accessible to main commuting routes. Elegance is ready for 24/7 operations, and it has all the facilities, equipment, and amenities to keep the workforce productive, happy, and relaxed.

“One thing that Emapta brings to the table is a sense of family. Here, we work with people from different cultures all over the world, but we treat each other like family because we believe that the best workplaces are the ones that feel like home,” said Mano.

Currently, Emapta’s Sri Lanka team is composed of 10 people, helping its counterparts in the main base in Manila serve clients all over the globe. The company has also completed its incorporations in the United States, New Zealand, and Singapore, with active partnerships in Vietnam and Malaysia.

With a growing global workforce from the Philippines and now Sri Lanka, Emapta hopes to help our employees achieve life’s fullest potential by providing stable jobs, learning, and unparalleled experience with the international business community.